Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Flave #010

Watched In Good Company last weekend. Quite enjoyed this one. It has a great cast with Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace and Scarlett Johansson. Quaids character, Dan, is happily running a long successful career at a sports magazine until the magazine is bought out and he is demoted to work for a much younger man, Carter. This is a strained situation made worse when he discovers his daughter, Alex, is dating his youthful boss. It's quite funny and just generally an enjoyable watch. 3/5.

Finally watched Black Swan. Wow.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Natalie Portman is one of my favourite actresses these days. She was just amazing. She is of course the main character, Nina, a very talented ballet dancer that is mentally constantly at war with herself as she strives for pure perfection. I definitely found many squirmy moments. I definitely found myself screaming a few times and generally feeling a bit uncomfortable. Bit wow. When those final credits went up I couldn't help feeling in awe of not just the film but this character and her pain, mentally. 4.5/5. It's not really a film I feel I could sit down and watch again just because I just don't think I could cope. But I can't think of any other words that I could describe it with. Just... wow. Just thought I'd add I totally enjoyed Mila Kunis' character Lily. She seems to be very busy of late!

A few weeks ago I picked up the DVD Once. Not so much a mainstream kind of a film it almost feels like some kind of personal documentary as you follow the musical meeting of two total strangers in Dublin. Their stories unfold as they write and record music together. I loved the music in this. It was just so... mellow. 3/5.

Went and saw Battleship the other night. It was actually pretty good. I really liked it. The cast were really good. Particularly enjoyed Taylor Kitsch as the main man Alex Hopper. He was such a charismatic character and Kitsch pulled it off so well. I also thought Rihanna was quite good in her first role ever. She's just so pretty and pulled off her tough navy chick character easily. This piece of sci-fi action was tasty enough to chew, though not typically my kind of film, I was happy enough to swallow. The cute romance that was planted at the beginning of the film probably encouraged my interest as the hopeless Alex Hopper, intoxicated on birthday celebrations manages to cause an amount of damage and a cinema of giggles as he proceeds to stupidly acquire a certain food item to win the attention of a gorgeous woman. The film proceeds into the story as it seems aliens have finally found us here on earth. Weapons are fired and action unfolds and eventually the world is safe again. 3/5 I say. Not bad. Not bad at all.

This was from the holidays viewings.

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