Wednesday, April 4, 2012

LinkSpired #005

So this is probably the coolest living space I've seen... East Village Studio is just brilliant!

Doing what you love is wonderful. I also feel Trent Walton has a touching view on blogging...

This washroom tour on k. was rather cute and inspiring I thought.

Since watching Factory Girl, weeks ago now, I'm still thinking about Edie Sedgwick at the moment... 

Was recently inspired by a young woman who came in to our class to talk to us about where she had got to since doing the very same course I am doing now. It was very interesting getting to hear how she got to where she is in such a short amount of time. She now works at this super cute online business, mooo.

Also having flown to Adelaide over the past weekend, something about airports inspire me a great deal. I just love to fly and wish I could do so much more of it... There's just something about being somewhere where there is the potential to fly away to wherever you want... No web link for this one, just simply linking airports to inspiration!

This was a good little read for everyone out there, especially idea makers!

This article, Design in perspective, on desktop by Scott Larritt rings so true. Sometimes it is just so hard to have people understand what it is you actually do as a designer...

I also found the cool videos over at wethinkthings rather inspiring. Go and check them out!

Hope these leave you with a bit of inspiration. See you on the flip side!

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