Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Summary 15/4/2012

So this week has been quite blissful really. Holidays can be just so fantastic. Despite only getting a very bare minimum of work done that I needed to, apart from that it's been a lovely week! Life is just so awesome. I love doing life!

I don't care what they say, I love Ke$ha's music and have been totally digging listening to it of late. It's just so catchy and fun to sing along to. Also cannot get Bon Iver out of my head at the moment with Skinny Love. It's just such a beautiful song. I heart it so much! Also been really loving Grouplove with their Tongue Tied, half just because of my fascination and enjoyment of the clip but also because it's just such an awesome song!

Watched The Aristocats while home working this morning. It was so cute! I haven't watched it in years and it was definitely one of my favourite films as a little kid. I used to just adore Duchess and Maria. And Berlioz and Toulouse were of course so cute. And Mr. O'Malley. My he was a smooth character. And of course the giggling geese. Just the whole film. I feel like even with kids movies there were always bits that you sort of got a bit bored at or that were scary or you just didn't like at all but with this one I just love the whole film. I like every bit of it. Kind of funny because I'm totally not a cat person at all! Everybody wants to be a cat!

The week in thousands of words...

Back to school tomorrow. Slightly sad but also totally keen to see everyone!

Have an awesome week!

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