Friday, April 29, 2011

You are a Radar Detector

I can't believe it's Friday! My holidays are almost entirely over! As much as it is depressing to think that they're over I'm also super keen to get back to Melbourne. To Studies. To the gym. To my routine! But first we have the AG ideas conference next week, which is going to be a bit intense I think. Three really long days but hopefully also very interesting ones. I'm pretty excited for it actually.

Why is it that whenever you finally sit down to do some work such as getting studies done that NEED to be done that you think of a thousand other little jobs that you want to do that are 97458569865789756534 times more interesting and fun than that bit of work that MUST be done?

Music that is rocking my world at the moment are two tracks off the latest Triple J's Hottest 100. They are Radar Detector - Darwin Deez and Crave You - Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle. They're both just really catchy and cute. can't listen to them enough. Probably overkilling them a little actually.

Went and saw Thor on Tuesday. Not really my kind of movie but a few friends wanted to see it and I've just been so keen to hit the cinema lately I was more than happy to go along. Though 3D does bother me a little. the glasses are rather cute but I find them annoying after a while and they bother my eyes. But oh well. I'd probably give the film about a 3/5. It did have our very own Australian boy Chris Hemsworth in it. And Natalie Portman, who is just beautiful. There were some pretty cool effects, definitely worth a watch. I'm really hoping that there are some really really awesome films coming out next holidays though!

Went shopping on Wednesday. Bought some cute shoes. I really wanted to get some military boots but they didn't have the ones i wanted left at spend-less unfortunately. I bought these ones instead though, Kicarta. They're pretty sexy! Also bought a skirt, a cute jumpsuit and a few basic long sleeved tops, some jewellery and a lot of chocolate and lollies at the Discount Lollie shop. I just love that place! They were pretty empty since Easter stock was pretty much all sold out. Still managed to get some good bargains though. Was awesome! Still keen to go shopping again shortly though. Got a long list of other things I need. Still need a trench coat. Did find one in Target which was even purple just like I wanted! But it's a much lighter purple than I had been hoping for. Still gorgeous though. Will probably go back and get it I think. Target also has this Zebra print bean bag cover that I am SUPER tempted to purchase. Also need some gloves and scarves and such things. And really keen to get lots of stockings and tights type things too. Sportsgirl had heaps but I am just way too stingy to spend that kind of money on them. Which reminds me, I also bought the cutest Leopard print pencil case from Sportsgirl too. I just couldn't resist!

Also watched The Good Guy last night. Don't read on if you don't want me to spoil it for you, just skip this paragraph. It's not that new... I think it was released in 2009.  It has Alexis Bledel as the leading lady. She is increasingly annoying me as an actress since watching Post Grad which I may have mentioned is a terrible film. Her character in The Good Guy is kind of annoying to. Even though she isn't supposed to be a bad person she bothers me a lot. In the end of the film I really don't see her as much better a person than her by then ex boyfriend as she literally got out of that relationship and into another guys bed. But oh well. I prefer her in films like the Sisterhood of the traveling pants. The male leads, Bryan Greenberg and Scott Porter, were pretty good I thought. I'd probably sit through this one again. Bryan Greenberg has the really nice guy thing down pat! I'd give it a 3/5.  

Another book and film to add to my to do list is Water for Elephants. It looks like a beautiful film so now I just really want to read the book before I see the film. definitely not going to happen for a while though. Hardly made a dent in the Time Travellers Wife yet!

A few links that I've found interesting in the last few days.
Firstly The 50 things every graphic design student should know is a good read for anyone but obviously specifically for those of us out there studying to be a graphic designer or anything in the creative industry. You may not agree with all of them but it's got some really good points. Also if you haven't already seen the latest Britain's Got Talent video doing the rounds you must watch the Edward Reid Audition! It's brilliant!

Completed all the free versions of Angry birds I could possibly find! That's my accomplishment for the holidays! Sad, I know.

Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011


The Easter bunny paid me a visit. ;) The advantages of having such young siblings, I can still come home and get a visit from the good old bunny. But it got me thinking. Why is it that rabbits or "bunnies" are specifically associated with Easter to deliver chocolate eggs? I find the concept a little random considering they themselves don't actually lay eggs. After having a look at Wikipedia (because that's such a reliable information source and all!) I discovered that it's to do with being symbolic of fertility but that this is also related to spring when rabbits breed a lot. So it is quite silly when we are in Autumn. Do you think we will ever fully make a switch to the Bilby though?

Went and saw Paul the other day. Wasn't really that keen to see it but some friends wanted to go so I thought I may as well. It was actually pretty good. For what I was expecting it to be it was pretty funny. Put a smile on my dial. I'll give it a 3/5 I guess.

So at the moment I've been obsessing over the Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song video. It's just so simple yet so entertaining I find. He has a lot of up there songs out. They're all just so catchy! Can't get enough of him at the moment! i think I've actually watched the clip at least ten times. I just love it. If you wanted a song to describe my holidays this one kind of sums it up. though there is stuff in it that obviously doesn't apply. haha!

Downloaded the free version of Angry birds. Wow. I didn't realise this game would really be quite as addictive as it is. I can see why the hype and obsession is there! It's so frustrating now that I've played all the levels on the free one though because for some reason the computer that my lovely sister has downloaded all these applications such as the full version of angry birds onto doesn't like my Hamish enough to put the applications onto him. It's rather depressing!

I also went to purchase CS5 (Adobe Creative Suite) the other day only to find that an updated version is going to be released mid May. Seems a bit silly to purchase it right now with a newer version to come so soon. So i downloaded the free thirty day trial of illustrator onto my baby. So that's a bit exciting! i can actually get work done on my own computer now!

Anyways, My sister has just made some home style pizza which is smelling orgasmic so I best go and get some before I miss out!! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Food Friday

Funnily the holidays nearly aren't going fast enough. Mind you I def need to get into that holiday work that needs doing. But seriously. While it's nice to be at home relaxing with the family I cannot wait to get back to Melbourne. I can't wait to get back into classes and I am really really keen to get back to the gym. I think that's what I'm missing the most. Or just my routine in general. I do like my routine. though it is nice to sleep in and not have to get up and go somewhere everyday. Bitter sweet I guess.

Had a road trip to visit my friend in Bendigo. By myself! So that was a bit of a challenge for me. But I made it there and back alive so I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm not saying I think I'm a bad driver or anything. It's more my lack of having done such a trip ever! Let alone by myself. So that was a really good experience. Just the driving in itself. Apart from this we did go out about the place. Had some AWESOMELY AMAZING pizza at the Zoo cafe. Who I might add, had better music playing than the clubs! We just wanted to get a dance floor going in the shop. The other highlight of the night was the guy that we met in the taxi line. We had a good old chat to him while the salvation army volunteers are there handing out blankets and water and coffee and milo. They spoil the taxi line, it's quite ridiculously amazing! 

The drive home was a bit quiet in comparison to the drive over. I guess most are where they want to be for the weekend. Was good listening to the 'Good As Friday' on triple J. So yes, Bendigo was a fun event. Especially that amazing pizza. 

Speaking of amazing I did have some particularly awesome potato cakes on my drive home. Why must food be so desirable? Especially the bad stuff. The fatty, salty, greasy and sugary. It's just so good. And so damaging. It's just nor fair. and now it's easter and there's going to be all of this chocolate! This is exactly why I miss the gym so much!

I've actually been eating rubbish all day. Firstly I had peppermint slice for breakfast. Then lollies in the car on the way home. And then those potato cakes. And then my little sister had made some cakes so I had to try one of those. And those awesome salt and Vinegar biscuits that I can't resist were out..... Not good!

Anyways, hope all you Victorians have made a donation to the Good Friday Appeal! Hope you have a lovely Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urban Dictionary

Urban dictionary cracks me up so much. It's full of often hilarious and sometimes flat out inappropriate definitions for some of the strangest and most oddly made up words. And then there's the funny definitions for totally...... normal words.... Here's a few examples of my favourites at the moment....


A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different
Normal is nothing but a word made up by society


A way of saying "How are you doing?" used by, yet again, soda-drunk jr. high kids being their usual crazy selves.
Yo Sabrina what's crackalackin?

The inability to decide which seat to take due to the quantity of friends both "kickin' in the front seat" and "sittin' in the back seat." Characterized by indecision and anxiety as the individual has "gotta make their mind up."

A largely ignored condition until early 2011, the "front-seat back-seat dilemma" was widely publicized upon the advent of Rebecca Black's viral single "Friday."
Friend 1 (From the front seat): "Why won't Tim get in the car? I have a dermatologist appointment in 5 minutes!"

Friend 2 (From the back seat): "Dude, give him a break. He's suffering a front-seat back-seat dilemma. Everyone's been there once."

"fear of missing out". The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great
Even though he was exhausted, John's fomo got the best of him and he went to the party.

I definitely feel like a sufferer of fomo. 

So if you've never looked at it before and are after a bit of a laugh Click Here.

Recently I've become slightly obsessed with listening to Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and I'll Be by Edwin McCain. They're both just such beautiful songs. 

Otherwise so far my holidays are continuing on the relaxing side of things. Better make sure I achieve something today!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleeping in...

So holidays have finally arrived! Home sweet home for two whole weeks. Had to bring os much stuff home with me on the train. Was a bit of a pain to be carrying around three bursting bags!

It's going to be so good. I'm hoping to make them as productive and relaxing as possible. So far I've made a good start on the relaxing front. After a late one last night I managed to sleep until 4PM this afternoon! I thought that was a pretty good effort! My first real opportunity for a sleep in in about four weeks! So i can tick that one off!

So keen to do some shopping. Totally need a winter wardrobe. Made a slight start on the way home, bought two dresses on sale. One at $12 and the other at $6. So cute! one of them is even zebra print. It's gorgeous.

As for uni, so much stuff to be done! Hoping I can get into it and be productive as planned and get it all done. Very much need CS5 (Adobe creative suite 5) so I can get the computer stuff done. Shall have to get onto that.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate is also Amazing.

Almost holidays thank goodness. No excuses not to get on top of everything when you have a few weeks off. We'll see... Pretty sure either the tiredness is emphasising my current colds effects or I'm coming down with a slightly severer case of whatever it is. Either way I wish it would leave me alone and let me feel ok. But then again you could say I brought this one myself.

Netball season is underway and we had fantastic win last weekend. This week is going to be quite a bit more challenging but hopefully we'll do awesomely.

I have a mountain of washing that needs doing but it's so wet and rainy and has been all week. Not clothes drying weather at all.

Definitely still behind on things. I'm going to get there though, I will... I will.

Bought the sexiest Zebra print bag for my baby. It's pretty cute.

Hamish and Andy are so awesome.

Chocolate is also amazing.

And that is all for now as I am literally falling asleep...


Monday, April 4, 2011

Not an essay.

So it’s been a while!  The short story is: I’m still alive! If you can actually be bothered to hear the long version feel free to continue reading. Hopefully It won’t bore you to much!

It’s pretty hectic at the moment. My time is just being munched up like I don’t know what. I would definitely like a bit of extra time. A few more hours in the day for some extra sleep or something. Or maybe a charger so I can charge and work at the same time and not have to sleep at all? Sounds like a good plan to me!

So I got my Mac. He’s beautiful. And yes. It is a he. And so is my touch who has been name Hamish by the way. My mac is yet to be named though. Haven’t decided on something appropriate yet. I’ll keep you posted.

… I’m not strange at all!

I’ve also been to Adelaide to visit my friend since my last blog.  Went with another friend. It was amazing fun. First flight ever so my plane-ginity is now gone. It was amazing. I definitely want to fly again in the near future if possible. Was so pretty because our flight was just when it was getting dark so you could see all of the pretty city lights. And the flight home was at sunrise so that was pretty cool to. The clouds just look so comfortable, you just want to get out and bounce around on them. I guess that wouldn’t be the best idea though….

But yes, Adelaide was awesome. We had some amazing gelato at Cocolat who are National Grand Dairy Award winners. I had Coffee and choc-mint flavours. It was pretty amazing stuff. We also had some pretty rubbish pizza, some pretty awesome Indian, some Chinese, an amazing picnic and I even had my first ever kebab. That’s as in the kebabs that are like wrap things. I must say it was pretty amazing. We ate all this as we checked out Rundle Mall, saw some fringe festival stuff, paddled in little peddle boats on along the Torrens River and also went to Glenelg beach and dipped our feet.

I finally bought my first maxi dress. It’s a pretty gorgeous leopard print. And only $20 form Valleygirl! So was a good find.  Also picked up a few other cute bargains. So all in all it was a fantastic trip.

Unfortunately every trip has it’s aftermath recovery and catch-up and back to reality consequences. But life goes on.

And life is going on. At a rather fast pace. Plenty of deadlines at the moment, and a lot of them I’m not quite meeting, But I’m going to get there. Just need to devise a bit of better time management.

Went home the weekend just gone which was really good but It’s so hard to go home and actually get homework done. So that resulted in a rather late session last night. I’m actually amazed I’m still functioning right now.

And now I better go and do the homework that is required for tomorrow or I really will be in trouble.

If you got through all of the above well done!
I’ll try and be a bit more frequent if I can fit it in.

Night xoxo