Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Food Friday

Funnily the holidays nearly aren't going fast enough. Mind you I def need to get into that holiday work that needs doing. But seriously. While it's nice to be at home relaxing with the family I cannot wait to get back to Melbourne. I can't wait to get back into classes and I am really really keen to get back to the gym. I think that's what I'm missing the most. Or just my routine in general. I do like my routine. though it is nice to sleep in and not have to get up and go somewhere everyday. Bitter sweet I guess.

Had a road trip to visit my friend in Bendigo. By myself! So that was a bit of a challenge for me. But I made it there and back alive so I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm not saying I think I'm a bad driver or anything. It's more my lack of having done such a trip ever! Let alone by myself. So that was a really good experience. Just the driving in itself. Apart from this we did go out about the place. Had some AWESOMELY AMAZING pizza at the Zoo cafe. Who I might add, had better music playing than the clubs! We just wanted to get a dance floor going in the shop. The other highlight of the night was the guy that we met in the taxi line. We had a good old chat to him while the salvation army volunteers are there handing out blankets and water and coffee and milo. They spoil the taxi line, it's quite ridiculously amazing! 

The drive home was a bit quiet in comparison to the drive over. I guess most are where they want to be for the weekend. Was good listening to the 'Good As Friday' on triple J. So yes, Bendigo was a fun event. Especially that amazing pizza. 

Speaking of amazing I did have some particularly awesome potato cakes on my drive home. Why must food be so desirable? Especially the bad stuff. The fatty, salty, greasy and sugary. It's just so good. And so damaging. It's just nor fair. and now it's easter and there's going to be all of this chocolate! This is exactly why I miss the gym so much!

I've actually been eating rubbish all day. Firstly I had peppermint slice for breakfast. Then lollies in the car on the way home. And then those potato cakes. And then my little sister had made some cakes so I had to try one of those. And those awesome salt and Vinegar biscuits that I can't resist were out..... Not good!

Anyways, hope all you Victorians have made a donation to the Good Friday Appeal! Hope you have a lovely Easter!

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