Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate is also Amazing.

Almost holidays thank goodness. No excuses not to get on top of everything when you have a few weeks off. We'll see... Pretty sure either the tiredness is emphasising my current colds effects or I'm coming down with a slightly severer case of whatever it is. Either way I wish it would leave me alone and let me feel ok. But then again you could say I brought this one myself.

Netball season is underway and we had fantastic win last weekend. This week is going to be quite a bit more challenging but hopefully we'll do awesomely.

I have a mountain of washing that needs doing but it's so wet and rainy and has been all week. Not clothes drying weather at all.

Definitely still behind on things. I'm going to get there though, I will... I will.

Bought the sexiest Zebra print bag for my baby. It's pretty cute.

Hamish and Andy are so awesome.

Chocolate is also amazing.

And that is all for now as I am literally falling asleep...


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