Monday, April 4, 2011

Not an essay.

So it’s been a while!  The short story is: I’m still alive! If you can actually be bothered to hear the long version feel free to continue reading. Hopefully It won’t bore you to much!

It’s pretty hectic at the moment. My time is just being munched up like I don’t know what. I would definitely like a bit of extra time. A few more hours in the day for some extra sleep or something. Or maybe a charger so I can charge and work at the same time and not have to sleep at all? Sounds like a good plan to me!

So I got my Mac. He’s beautiful. And yes. It is a he. And so is my touch who has been name Hamish by the way. My mac is yet to be named though. Haven’t decided on something appropriate yet. I’ll keep you posted.

… I’m not strange at all!

I’ve also been to Adelaide to visit my friend since my last blog.  Went with another friend. It was amazing fun. First flight ever so my plane-ginity is now gone. It was amazing. I definitely want to fly again in the near future if possible. Was so pretty because our flight was just when it was getting dark so you could see all of the pretty city lights. And the flight home was at sunrise so that was pretty cool to. The clouds just look so comfortable, you just want to get out and bounce around on them. I guess that wouldn’t be the best idea though….

But yes, Adelaide was awesome. We had some amazing gelato at Cocolat who are National Grand Dairy Award winners. I had Coffee and choc-mint flavours. It was pretty amazing stuff. We also had some pretty rubbish pizza, some pretty awesome Indian, some Chinese, an amazing picnic and I even had my first ever kebab. That’s as in the kebabs that are like wrap things. I must say it was pretty amazing. We ate all this as we checked out Rundle Mall, saw some fringe festival stuff, paddled in little peddle boats on along the Torrens River and also went to Glenelg beach and dipped our feet.

I finally bought my first maxi dress. It’s a pretty gorgeous leopard print. And only $20 form Valleygirl! So was a good find.  Also picked up a few other cute bargains. So all in all it was a fantastic trip.

Unfortunately every trip has it’s aftermath recovery and catch-up and back to reality consequences. But life goes on.

And life is going on. At a rather fast pace. Plenty of deadlines at the moment, and a lot of them I’m not quite meeting, But I’m going to get there. Just need to devise a bit of better time management.

Went home the weekend just gone which was really good but It’s so hard to go home and actually get homework done. So that resulted in a rather late session last night. I’m actually amazed I’m still functioning right now.

And now I better go and do the homework that is required for tomorrow or I really will be in trouble.

If you got through all of the above well done!
I’ll try and be a bit more frequent if I can fit it in.

Night xoxo

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