Friday, April 29, 2011

You are a Radar Detector

I can't believe it's Friday! My holidays are almost entirely over! As much as it is depressing to think that they're over I'm also super keen to get back to Melbourne. To Studies. To the gym. To my routine! But first we have the AG ideas conference next week, which is going to be a bit intense I think. Three really long days but hopefully also very interesting ones. I'm pretty excited for it actually.

Why is it that whenever you finally sit down to do some work such as getting studies done that NEED to be done that you think of a thousand other little jobs that you want to do that are 97458569865789756534 times more interesting and fun than that bit of work that MUST be done?

Music that is rocking my world at the moment are two tracks off the latest Triple J's Hottest 100. They are Radar Detector - Darwin Deez and Crave You - Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle. They're both just really catchy and cute. can't listen to them enough. Probably overkilling them a little actually.

Went and saw Thor on Tuesday. Not really my kind of movie but a few friends wanted to see it and I've just been so keen to hit the cinema lately I was more than happy to go along. Though 3D does bother me a little. the glasses are rather cute but I find them annoying after a while and they bother my eyes. But oh well. I'd probably give the film about a 3/5. It did have our very own Australian boy Chris Hemsworth in it. And Natalie Portman, who is just beautiful. There were some pretty cool effects, definitely worth a watch. I'm really hoping that there are some really really awesome films coming out next holidays though!

Went shopping on Wednesday. Bought some cute shoes. I really wanted to get some military boots but they didn't have the ones i wanted left at spend-less unfortunately. I bought these ones instead though, Kicarta. They're pretty sexy! Also bought a skirt, a cute jumpsuit and a few basic long sleeved tops, some jewellery and a lot of chocolate and lollies at the Discount Lollie shop. I just love that place! They were pretty empty since Easter stock was pretty much all sold out. Still managed to get some good bargains though. Was awesome! Still keen to go shopping again shortly though. Got a long list of other things I need. Still need a trench coat. Did find one in Target which was even purple just like I wanted! But it's a much lighter purple than I had been hoping for. Still gorgeous though. Will probably go back and get it I think. Target also has this Zebra print bean bag cover that I am SUPER tempted to purchase. Also need some gloves and scarves and such things. And really keen to get lots of stockings and tights type things too. Sportsgirl had heaps but I am just way too stingy to spend that kind of money on them. Which reminds me, I also bought the cutest Leopard print pencil case from Sportsgirl too. I just couldn't resist!

Also watched The Good Guy last night. Don't read on if you don't want me to spoil it for you, just skip this paragraph. It's not that new... I think it was released in 2009.  It has Alexis Bledel as the leading lady. She is increasingly annoying me as an actress since watching Post Grad which I may have mentioned is a terrible film. Her character in The Good Guy is kind of annoying to. Even though she isn't supposed to be a bad person she bothers me a lot. In the end of the film I really don't see her as much better a person than her by then ex boyfriend as she literally got out of that relationship and into another guys bed. But oh well. I prefer her in films like the Sisterhood of the traveling pants. The male leads, Bryan Greenberg and Scott Porter, were pretty good I thought. I'd probably sit through this one again. Bryan Greenberg has the really nice guy thing down pat! I'd give it a 3/5.  

Another book and film to add to my to do list is Water for Elephants. It looks like a beautiful film so now I just really want to read the book before I see the film. definitely not going to happen for a while though. Hardly made a dent in the Time Travellers Wife yet!

A few links that I've found interesting in the last few days.
Firstly The 50 things every graphic design student should know is a good read for anyone but obviously specifically for those of us out there studying to be a graphic designer or anything in the creative industry. You may not agree with all of them but it's got some really good points. Also if you haven't already seen the latest Britain's Got Talent video doing the rounds you must watch the Edward Reid Audition! It's brilliant!

Completed all the free versions of Angry birds I could possibly find! That's my accomplishment for the holidays! Sad, I know.

Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend!

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