Monday, April 25, 2011


The Easter bunny paid me a visit. ;) The advantages of having such young siblings, I can still come home and get a visit from the good old bunny. But it got me thinking. Why is it that rabbits or "bunnies" are specifically associated with Easter to deliver chocolate eggs? I find the concept a little random considering they themselves don't actually lay eggs. After having a look at Wikipedia (because that's such a reliable information source and all!) I discovered that it's to do with being symbolic of fertility but that this is also related to spring when rabbits breed a lot. So it is quite silly when we are in Autumn. Do you think we will ever fully make a switch to the Bilby though?

Went and saw Paul the other day. Wasn't really that keen to see it but some friends wanted to go so I thought I may as well. It was actually pretty good. For what I was expecting it to be it was pretty funny. Put a smile on my dial. I'll give it a 3/5 I guess.

So at the moment I've been obsessing over the Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song video. It's just so simple yet so entertaining I find. He has a lot of up there songs out. They're all just so catchy! Can't get enough of him at the moment! i think I've actually watched the clip at least ten times. I just love it. If you wanted a song to describe my holidays this one kind of sums it up. though there is stuff in it that obviously doesn't apply. haha!

Downloaded the free version of Angry birds. Wow. I didn't realise this game would really be quite as addictive as it is. I can see why the hype and obsession is there! It's so frustrating now that I've played all the levels on the free one though because for some reason the computer that my lovely sister has downloaded all these applications such as the full version of angry birds onto doesn't like my Hamish enough to put the applications onto him. It's rather depressing!

I also went to purchase CS5 (Adobe Creative Suite) the other day only to find that an updated version is going to be released mid May. Seems a bit silly to purchase it right now with a newer version to come so soon. So i downloaded the free thirty day trial of illustrator onto my baby. So that's a bit exciting! i can actually get work done on my own computer now!

Anyways, My sister has just made some home style pizza which is smelling orgasmic so I best go and get some before I miss out!! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

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