Thursday, January 2, 2014

Moving to Wordpress

Would you believe me if I told you that pretty much everyday since that last blog post I've thought about writing a new post here? Slack much? Busy? Yes. Change is here.

Half because I just like fresh beginnings right now. A quarter because I wanna jump on the Wordpress bandwagon. One quarter just because I can.

Things are changing. Life is changing as it always is. Scary unknown is what the future holds and I'm gonna keep blogging all about my continued Bitter Sweet Experience of it over at my new residence on Wordpress. So come on over and warm up the new place! Bitter Sweet Experience now on Wordpress.

With that I would like to leave you with a quote...

“Uncertainty is a signpost of possibility.”
Good Life Project
...So here I go into the possibilities of uncertainty.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Birthday Eve, D Day Looms

Birthday week minor crisis. It's an annual event in my life. It just comes with my birthday. I don't know how to get rid of it but I just get this sad feeling about the fact another year has passed by. Regardless of the milestone I think it reminds you of those idealistic dreams you had as a 10 year old about how amazing your life would be when you were older. And what you thought you would have achieved by now. Back then you always wanted to be older. What happened to that? 

And so it looms. D day Is practically upon me. Or "B"day as it is better known to most. Like that moment just after you've finished consuming that amazing coffee or delicious piece of cake I dread its occurrence. It's presence fills me with a kind of dismal disappointed feeling. 

Birthdays are just no fun when there's this pressure for it to be such a good day. The best day! But it's just another day with a painfully present reminder that another year has run past and the next one is sprinting at you even faster, it's going for a personal best. 

Okay. I'll quit the complaining now. Four hours left of being twenty-one. Better soak it up!

First world problems!

I did get rather spoilt today on my birthday eve though! At work they had a some lovely cakes and a cute card and present for me. And one of my co-workers left me a cute note. But what really made my day was coming home to a gorgeous bunch of flowers on my desk that my wonderful mother organised for me. I think part of my birthday dread is tied into not getting to see my family tomorrow. It'll be my first birthday that I'll spend entirely away from my family. Definitely beings on a serious case of homesickness! So I'm just gonna postpone my birthday until next weekend when I get to see my family. 

Dread indeed.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time Bomb

Gosh. It's practically Saturday an I'm barely ready for Tuesday to be over?! I feel like time is a ticking bomb right now and before I know it the remaining weeks of my folio preparation are going to be over and it's just going to all blow up in my face!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Colour United

So last week was the biggest day on anyone's AFL footy calendar. Especially if your team dominated the season enough to get through the finals and get their shot at premiership glory. This year the Hawks were pitted agains Fremantle. Hawthorn against Perth. Brown and yellow against the purple army that flooded into the most liveable city in the world. 

Being a Richmond supporter at the root of it all I was shattered when Carlton wiped us off the board back in the qualifying finals. You might not think I would be too fussed on the outcome of the grand final.

But as I sat in fed square watching on the big screen I was definitely a little more than vaguely invested in the birds taking out the title. The week before when they scraped through a close struggle with Geelong you may have enjoyed seeing me jump around and do a little dance when the final siren confirmed the hawks chance of contention the following week.

But with Hawthorn as a very close second team (and as I say this I hold up my thumb and index finger to show you just how close a second they are) I swapped my black for brown and donned a hawthorn jersey and scarf borrowed from my cousin to support the boys. And it makes me think how connected we are by the design of this. Whether its an official jersey or you've knitted your own scarf of your teams colours, we paint ourselves with this coding system that defines your interest. Instantly as you pass a total stranger the fact they are wearing the same colours almost invites a friendship, even if only momentarily. Side by side you cheer on your team, united in supporting your favourite side to a victory and when they do fall, commiseration together commences. And it's just such fun. To be united as strangers by a few stripes of colour.

Anyway, it was certainly an exciting occasion and an experience to be had in amongst the excitement of it all. Fed square was full of committed and passing by onlookers. i even manage to make friends with a cute little family that generously shared their umbrellas when it got a little drizzly. We were all very excited and relieved when the siren finally went with the hawks on top abd we rushed down to the MCG to go into the ground and soak up some of the atmosphere  passing a flood of purple people as we made our way. The atmosphere was amazing!

This year is the closest I've ever followed the AFL and I'm already missing the fact that there was no footy to watch this weekend! It's going to be a long off season!

Go Hawks!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I hope not sporadically

It's been quite a while. All my blogs seem to start like that these days.

Insert usual rant about time going by way to fast. I'm sure it should only be March....

So anyways I just came across this video over on my favourite blog, swissmiss...

I'm definitely guilty of being a #hashtag-a-holic. I thought it was quite funny though.

And to keep this on the random side of things these coffee lid coasters are pretty cool!

But yes. Life is hectic. And the business end of the year is about to fall on top of me.... and I'm not sure that I'm quite ready for that...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Scary Exciting

It's been a while since I've really sat down and actually written a blog. It's something I literally think about every single day. What I'm going to write about. New themes I could have. New structures. More of a plan. Lots of ideas. So many things I want to share!

It's the final trimester of the year. About to begin the second week and it's a little scary. Scary but exciting. Nerve wracking but inspiring. Not only is it the last trimester of 2013 but it's also the final trimester of this studying adventure I embarked on just almost three short years ago. When I think back to the things that have changed, not only in my own life but in all the people around me, from my family and closest friends to the celebrities and the world environment in general. Not only was I three years younger and coming to live down in Melbourne, just a small town girl living in a lonely world but people like Miley Cyrus was certainly a far more innocent Hannah Montana and no one had even heard of One Direction yet! My four year old baby brother was much more of a baby and my ten year old little sister didn't know all the words to the Nicki Minaj rap and my other now 12 year old little brother didn't know how funny How I Met Your Mother is. But I'll leave the little flash back at that for now.

It's scary but exciting because the end of the course is near, I nearly have an advanced diploma, yet it's the end that brings many new beginnings(the exciting part). Many decisions to be made(the scary part).

Anyway. I shall leave you with a few little totally random things I'd like to share.

Firstly this gorgeous Leica camera that I've seen is priced at $50,000! But it's so beautiful!

This totally awesome wallpaper by IEVA over on Etsy. Coolest pattern!

Also on Etsy McKeon Studio has some gloriously gorgeous scarves! Especially this map of Melbourne one!

Keeps your eyes peeled! Many ideas that I'm hoping to action soon!

Hope you had a lovely fathers day with your dad too!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Constructively Alone

“Every kind of creative work demands solitude, and being alone, constructively alone, is a prerequisite for every phase of the creative process.”
- Barbara Powell

Here I sit. It’s a Friday night and you know what, I’m doing one of my favourite things! I’m not heading out. Too much of a nana at the moment for that. Going out is of course one of my favourite things though. But not tonight. It’s the end of a typicaly busy week for me and one of my favourite ways to spend my Friday night is at home pretty much by myself just flitting around doing whatever I want and relaxed by the fact that I don’t have to get up to an alarm tomorrow morning. Not only do I not have to get up to an alarm but I don’t have to walk out the door before lunchtime if I so desire. Not sure that this particular alone time becomes very constructive but then again I do think that as long as you're doing something you haven't done before even as simple as reading an article that you haven't already read then all time become constructive to an extent.

Friday night is always good.