Monday, September 2, 2013

Scary Exciting

It's been a while since I've really sat down and actually written a blog. It's something I literally think about every single day. What I'm going to write about. New themes I could have. New structures. More of a plan. Lots of ideas. So many things I want to share!

It's the final trimester of the year. About to begin the second week and it's a little scary. Scary but exciting. Nerve wracking but inspiring. Not only is it the last trimester of 2013 but it's also the final trimester of this studying adventure I embarked on just almost three short years ago. When I think back to the things that have changed, not only in my own life but in all the people around me, from my family and closest friends to the celebrities and the world environment in general. Not only was I three years younger and coming to live down in Melbourne, just a small town girl living in a lonely world but people like Miley Cyrus was certainly a far more innocent Hannah Montana and no one had even heard of One Direction yet! My four year old baby brother was much more of a baby and my ten year old little sister didn't know all the words to the Nicki Minaj rap and my other now 12 year old little brother didn't know how funny How I Met Your Mother is. But I'll leave the little flash back at that for now.

It's scary but exciting because the end of the course is near, I nearly have an advanced diploma, yet it's the end that brings many new beginnings(the exciting part). Many decisions to be made(the scary part).

Anyway. I shall leave you with a few little totally random things I'd like to share.

Firstly this gorgeous Leica camera that I've seen is priced at $50,000! But it's so beautiful!

This totally awesome wallpaper by IEVA over on Etsy. Coolest pattern!

Also on Etsy McKeon Studio has some gloriously gorgeous scarves! Especially this map of Melbourne one!

Keeps your eyes peeled! Many ideas that I'm hoping to action soon!

Hope you had a lovely fathers day with your dad too!

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