Friday, March 29, 2013

Let the Groove Get In

Happy Good Friday to all! And Happy Easter! Hope you have a wonderful one regardless of your activities throughout.

It's the end of another busy week and I'm so excited. Excited for the week ahead as time off with my family back home. It shall be grand!

I'm also excited as its been quite a good week. Finished my very first internship and have been able to leave the door wide open with likely continuation of some freelance work. This week also involved quite a significant moment in my interning experience in which through collaboration with a fellow intern, friend and designer we both gained some valuable experience in the world of designing. Overall it has been a fantastic experience and an opportunity I'm very thankful to have had.

Along with this I'm just excited about general school stuff. The only frustrating part in it all is that I like all the projects so much it's hard to know what to prioritise and work on at one time as my mind races and wonders around with ideas for other projects no matter which I'm tying to concentrate on. My only concern is I can see myself constantly leaning in a certain direction with my current design work and so can see in the next lot of projects I really will need to push myself to totally jump in the deep end and do some work that is out of my comfort zone so I can broaden my folio work.

Oh how I love that it's Easter weekend. Just so keen to see my family. At the same time I'm a little shell shocked that it's already the end of March and therefore a quarter of the way through the year! I can see this is just going to whizz past like nothing else. I'll turn around and it'll be June a blink!

Thought I'd spoil myself a little and I went and splurged on Justin Timberlake's new album, The 20/20 Experience. It's so good! Recommend giving it a spin. The single releases so far, mirror and Suit and Tie are fabulous. Especially loving the chilled tracks Strawberry Bubblegum, Blue Ocean Floor and Spaceship Coupe. Other favourites are Tunnel Vision, Don't Hold The Wall and Let the Groove Get In. But the entire album is fantastic. Full of catchy lyrics and sweet tunes!

It's nice to be alive!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tired turning

So it's nearly half past nine on a Saturday morning and I've already been up for three and a half hours. Call me crazy! Should i add in the part where i was up late last night dessert-nighting and watching movies. probably managed four hours of sleep. ye i have issues. On account of wanting to make it to a train at Southern Cross and allowing extra time for any possibility of public transport unreliability I got up quite early this morning to get out the door before seven. As usual I was quite on time and with an hour up my sleeve once in the city I ended up just going for a wander to pass the time. I love the city so much and as I walked around all I could think is how gloriously wonderful it would be to live in the city. It is definitely my ideal for the near future rather than later! Oh how I dream of living in the city. I just want to be in there so bad!

The reason for my early journey this morning is in relation to a celebratory visit to one of my favourite people for their 21st birthday! Happy birthday Danielle! Shall be a good day!

Last night I had a lovely evening with a friend. We went to dinner at this lovely cafe, QPO in Kew Junction where I did order a vegetarian pizza with lamb on it! As I read through the menu and forced myself not to get my default menu choice of a chicken parmigiana, the pizza selections grabbed my attention and as usual the vegetarian option sounded pretty good. I was desperate for some meat though and the lamb pizza only had rocket and onion on it compared to the varied and delicious spread on the vegetarian version. Such a rebel I am! The waiter did give us a funny look at the request! But it was so delicious! Had a lovely time. Such a cute place! As we payed on our way out the amazingly ravishing dessert selection caught my eye and since I was having one of my dessert nights I splurged on a little lemon cheesecake which was absolutely delicious! And was served by a nearly as equally delicious young man who did claim that the desserts were addictive and so he thought I would be back again soon. Cute!

It has been an interesting week to say the least. Frustration, disappointment, accomplished and surreal are words that could be used to describe it.

We'll skip over the disappointment and frustration.

Accomplished comes with the enjoyment of briefs that I'm working on with my studies. Really enjoying what the teachers are giving us so far this year.

Surreal comes from the (you'll have to forgive me as I may come across as a drama queen for this part) near death slash could have been severely injured experience that occurred as I was innocently crossing the road earlier in the week. Was at a crossing that I pass through every day and as I stepped off the curb after doing the usual checks that cars had stopped at their red light I crossed with my green man and with a slight lapse in my attention thankfully a car horn from somewhere alerted me to a grey ute that decided not to pay attention to his red light and speed right on through the intersection and whooshed past in front of me. I swear barely three steps from where I'd stopped still. Naturally as I finished crossing the road and continued on my way I went into total shock as I realised just how lucky I was. It made me think about everything I had done in the last hour that led up to that moment where I was thankfully walking slower than I usually would of been. Someone was definitely looking out for me this week! It was hard not see the scene replay in my head with a different outcome. One that involved a sickening thud as I could see myself get totally swiped up by the ute and imagining the kind of action that would follow. The drama that would unfold at the intersection before phone calls would be made and life really would have taken a different turn to that of which I would have expected when a got out of bed that morning.

You just never know what might happen to you today so be sure to embrace and saver every second of it! I recently heard that someone I know had a sibling die very suddenly. Late twenties. Gone. It's scary to think of what could be missed out on...

Hope you enjoy your day and live it to the fullest!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Such Adults

One of my brothers is celebrating his nineteenth birthday today. Somehow it's hard to believe we've already made it this far. Is it really that many years, practically a decade(now we really do sound ancient) since we were playing dress ups and acting out many an interesting life as if we were already such adults. His character would always be named John. It didn't matter who he was playing, a dad, fireman, doctor or robber. This kid was fixated on being a John.

It certainly doesn't seem that long since we played in the sandpit and built our imaginations into the city's and planes that we would one day live. Not that long since we would pour the gagillion pieces in our vibrantly varied Lego collection onto a sheet on the floor and along with our older brother dive at all the "good pieces" calling dibs on the "best boards" and "body parts". They would default be yours should anyone else come across them. We built our dream homes, architects and builders in our own right creating magnificent dwellings and vehicles for our centimetres tall and terribly yellow tanned plastic people. All before we would play out dramatic stories, directors of the plastic world we would create. Or even the games of "little cars" with every kind of matchbox and hot wheels car you could possibly get your hands on. Gosh we did have fun. Having an older brother and younger brother either side of me meant many of these boyish games were the basis of our daily playing. But I did have Barbies and I did have a Ken doll and they did both step in to play the part on occasion.

Anyway, back to my not so little brother! My my how time flies. Can't wait to see where this young man goes in life. He's one of the most focused people I know and an inspiration and fantastic role model for my other younger brothers and sisters. I literally have to look up to him but also find him a role model of my own.

Happy birthday Joe!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ed A Plus

So it's Friday night and I'm on the common commute back home. It's one of the best parts of the week with the entire weekend of possibility ahead!

So I may have started this post on Friday and now it's already Sunday night!

This week has been rather busy as per usual and did in fact involve an exciting visit from my sisters and an adventure at Festival Hall featuring the one and only Ed Sheeran! Talk about an amazing performer! We had tickets for the mosh, like many others, keen to get as close as possible to the glorious talent that he is. Of course this involved an early arrival to ensure decent cue positioning accompanied by a seat on the floor as we waited for the event to get underway. Unfortunately after getting into Festival Hall we had only been sitting down for about ten minutes before a slight movement on stage caused a premature mad dash as everyone burst from their seated position on the floor into a sudden leap towards the stage. This then involved the next three hours standing body on body and holding your ground and positioning in the crowd along with making sure my youngest sister didn't faint from shock and exhaustion! My little extra height was definitely a plus in this situation! I kept telling my sister she needed to hold her ground like on the netball court. Think it's safe to say she won't be moshing again any time soon!

Despite the frustrations of not getting right to the front as everyone in the pit so keenly desired and regardless of the effort it took to hold my sister together and our spot in the crowd as close as we did get. I still loved it. It was an experience to be had and I would do it all again. Especially for Ed Sheeran. What a talent. He was fantastic at working the crowd having us join in for some songs but then also performing to a room of silence that it was embarrassing when someone would call out something silly. Amazing. The atmosphere was just electric.

Love Ed Sheeran! If you've never herd of him and like a bit of acoustic stuff go check him out!

He was supported by Passenger who I haven't really heard before now but apparently is well known in the UK. He was quite good. The other support was Gabrielle who sings Please Don't Say You Love Me, heard it quite a bit on Channel [v] lately. Quite like that song.

So yes. Good times!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Caffeine Rambles

Dancing on the platform to Ed Sheeran because I can. On a caffeine high from the most coffee I've had in one day in ages and thankful for the fresh though barmy air after a long stuffy vline trip!

It's been a great weekend chilling with the family and road tripping to a friend's 21st. Chilling with an edge of guilt as I now stand in front of my tower of work which threatens to fall into a mess if I don't get into a bit of it when I do finally make it home tonight. It's a pretty tower though.

But that's ok. It'll be ok. Gonna be another crazy week but I've got my keen gloves on ready to get into it all. On top of the usual schedule this week I've also got an exciting concert date with my sisters to see the very same aforementioned Ed Sheeran. Am pretty keen for that one!

Can't believe March is upon us!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday Bliss!