Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ed A Plus

So it's Friday night and I'm on the common commute back home. It's one of the best parts of the week with the entire weekend of possibility ahead!

So I may have started this post on Friday and now it's already Sunday night!

This week has been rather busy as per usual and did in fact involve an exciting visit from my sisters and an adventure at Festival Hall featuring the one and only Ed Sheeran! Talk about an amazing performer! We had tickets for the mosh, like many others, keen to get as close as possible to the glorious talent that he is. Of course this involved an early arrival to ensure decent cue positioning accompanied by a seat on the floor as we waited for the event to get underway. Unfortunately after getting into Festival Hall we had only been sitting down for about ten minutes before a slight movement on stage caused a premature mad dash as everyone burst from their seated position on the floor into a sudden leap towards the stage. This then involved the next three hours standing body on body and holding your ground and positioning in the crowd along with making sure my youngest sister didn't faint from shock and exhaustion! My little extra height was definitely a plus in this situation! I kept telling my sister she needed to hold her ground like on the netball court. Think it's safe to say she won't be moshing again any time soon!

Despite the frustrations of not getting right to the front as everyone in the pit so keenly desired and regardless of the effort it took to hold my sister together and our spot in the crowd as close as we did get. I still loved it. It was an experience to be had and I would do it all again. Especially for Ed Sheeran. What a talent. He was fantastic at working the crowd having us join in for some songs but then also performing to a room of silence that it was embarrassing when someone would call out something silly. Amazing. The atmosphere was just electric.

Love Ed Sheeran! If you've never herd of him and like a bit of acoustic stuff go check him out!

He was supported by Passenger who I haven't really heard before now but apparently is well known in the UK. He was quite good. The other support was Gabrielle who sings Please Don't Say You Love Me, heard it quite a bit on Channel [v] lately. Quite like that song.

So yes. Good times!

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