Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tired turning

So it's nearly half past nine on a Saturday morning and I've already been up for three and a half hours. Call me crazy! Should i add in the part where i was up late last night dessert-nighting and watching movies. probably managed four hours of sleep. ye i have issues. On account of wanting to make it to a train at Southern Cross and allowing extra time for any possibility of public transport unreliability I got up quite early this morning to get out the door before seven. As usual I was quite on time and with an hour up my sleeve once in the city I ended up just going for a wander to pass the time. I love the city so much and as I walked around all I could think is how gloriously wonderful it would be to live in the city. It is definitely my ideal for the near future rather than later! Oh how I dream of living in the city. I just want to be in there so bad!

The reason for my early journey this morning is in relation to a celebratory visit to one of my favourite people for their 21st birthday! Happy birthday Danielle! Shall be a good day!

Last night I had a lovely evening with a friend. We went to dinner at this lovely cafe, QPO in Kew Junction where I did order a vegetarian pizza with lamb on it! As I read through the menu and forced myself not to get my default menu choice of a chicken parmigiana, the pizza selections grabbed my attention and as usual the vegetarian option sounded pretty good. I was desperate for some meat though and the lamb pizza only had rocket and onion on it compared to the varied and delicious spread on the vegetarian version. Such a rebel I am! The waiter did give us a funny look at the request! But it was so delicious! Had a lovely time. Such a cute place! As we payed on our way out the amazingly ravishing dessert selection caught my eye and since I was having one of my dessert nights I splurged on a little lemon cheesecake which was absolutely delicious! And was served by a nearly as equally delicious young man who did claim that the desserts were addictive and so he thought I would be back again soon. Cute!

It has been an interesting week to say the least. Frustration, disappointment, accomplished and surreal are words that could be used to describe it.

We'll skip over the disappointment and frustration.

Accomplished comes with the enjoyment of briefs that I'm working on with my studies. Really enjoying what the teachers are giving us so far this year.

Surreal comes from the (you'll have to forgive me as I may come across as a drama queen for this part) near death slash could have been severely injured experience that occurred as I was innocently crossing the road earlier in the week. Was at a crossing that I pass through every day and as I stepped off the curb after doing the usual checks that cars had stopped at their red light I crossed with my green man and with a slight lapse in my attention thankfully a car horn from somewhere alerted me to a grey ute that decided not to pay attention to his red light and speed right on through the intersection and whooshed past in front of me. I swear barely three steps from where I'd stopped still. Naturally as I finished crossing the road and continued on my way I went into total shock as I realised just how lucky I was. It made me think about everything I had done in the last hour that led up to that moment where I was thankfully walking slower than I usually would of been. Someone was definitely looking out for me this week! It was hard not see the scene replay in my head with a different outcome. One that involved a sickening thud as I could see myself get totally swiped up by the ute and imagining the kind of action that would follow. The drama that would unfold at the intersection before phone calls would be made and life really would have taken a different turn to that of which I would have expected when a got out of bed that morning.

You just never know what might happen to you today so be sure to embrace and saver every second of it! I recently heard that someone I know had a sibling die very suddenly. Late twenties. Gone. It's scary to think of what could be missed out on...

Hope you enjoy your day and live it to the fullest!

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