Sunday, March 3, 2013

Caffeine Rambles

Dancing on the platform to Ed Sheeran because I can. On a caffeine high from the most coffee I've had in one day in ages and thankful for the fresh though barmy air after a long stuffy vline trip!

It's been a great weekend chilling with the family and road tripping to a friend's 21st. Chilling with an edge of guilt as I now stand in front of my tower of work which threatens to fall into a mess if I don't get into a bit of it when I do finally make it home tonight. It's a pretty tower though.

But that's ok. It'll be ok. Gonna be another crazy week but I've got my keen gloves on ready to get into it all. On top of the usual schedule this week I've also got an exciting concert date with my sisters to see the very same aforementioned Ed Sheeran. Am pretty keen for that one!

Can't believe March is upon us!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday Bliss!

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