Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dodging Snowballs

It's been a bit over a week.
I've been a bit more than a mess.
But I'm pretty good right now.

The pin board is still rather full but I'm feeling more in control of it after a weekend of nothing but home time, blissful alone time. Sometimes alone time is just far to enjoyable. Perhaps there is something wrong with me. I've become so very independent over the last few years. But at the same time as much as I enjoy my own company I wish to have a few more people around to play with without having to leave my house. I really just wish a few of my sisters could come live with me! In an ideal world...

But yes, after an interesting but awesome time last weekend back home involving much loved family time and a friends 21st which I'm not even going to pretend didn't get very messy indeed and entail copious amounts of vodka and me walking away with an injury of sorts that I couldn't even blame on my sexy 5 inch heels, that has left me feeling like quite the cleverest of a person for the week. Thank god for the amazing friends I have! This somehow resulted in a very messy start to the week as I was almost feeling like I was in the snowy mountains standing at the bottom of a steep hill tied to a tree and there was a massive ball of snow not only growing in size but gaining momentum as it rolled towards me and seemed to hold my doomed fate in it's very cold core... But I think I dodged it... or someone came from nowhere and untied me from the tree.... Not someone visible... someone or something...

But by Thursday I was feeling far better. Got into a bit of Paramore listening which tends to make me feel better in such moods. It's a juggling act that I am trying to master at the moment. And I think it would be something I would have mastered a lot quicker by now if I had my personal matters in order. But as I don't it continues to be a struggle between the two as I try to best prioritise things. It's like I'm having my pre-quarter mini life crisis or something. And I just let it get to far before I finally pulled myself up on it. It's funny though, how at this end of the week I'm trying to work out why I was feeling so horrible on Monday... Life is a funny thing!

This weekend I have been attempting to get through some urgent briefs but it's always a struggle as I get distracted by so many other little projects and things to be done. And it always takes me five times the time I think it will to do things.... you'd think by now I would have compensated for this slight time issue by now! But oh well. I've certainly enjoyed being able to just do whatever at home and not go anywhere. I've got through a bit of stuff and have been half watching movies and catching up on The Carrie Diaries (which I am totally loving! Love watching AnnaSophia Robb and her gorgeous co-stars) all the while. Better get back to it.... will possibly continue on this rant later...

Sundays are the best though. Probably because no matter what is going on I always give myself permission to just take Sundays off. A day off of everything and a very much do whatever I want.

Anyway, for now I shall leave you with a hopefully inspiring quote...

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
- Andy Warhol
Swiss Miss

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