Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Poker Face Breaks

Life is hard. Some people make it look so easy but sometimes I think those people may be the ones that struggle the most.

It's kind of funny but also really frustrating. It's like one big game of cards. Poker. There is an amount of skill involved but a lot of luck comes into play too. To enjoy the game you need to take a bit of humour, be able to relax and enjoy but also bring a serious note to it too. Your here to play aren't you?

Like the addiction you get to winning and you begin to constantly go all in even though you know it's not right. You know it's only bad for you. And you reach that point where you know in your heart that its time to turn back. Time to fold the cards and change the game plan. The hard part is folding because folding feels like a failure. Like your giving up on something. But it is okay to fold and wait for the next hand. Playing that extra hand might just be the end of it all and you wouldn't want the concentration and good fortune to this point to be waisted. So you fold. You fold and wait for the next deal and change the plan. There's no point in losing everything and there is no shame in changing the plan while you're ahead. Even though until this point where you've hit the edge and only have a few chips left on the table in front of you, things seemed to be going well. You know deep down its time to change. Change is hard. It's hard to change. But you know you need it... Sometimes we all need a change.

I've hit this point. Well and truly crashed into it really. It's been coming for a long while. And I've known that deep down. The part of my life that needs to change is my commitment to the gym and my routine. I'm there more than I need to be to the extent that it actually is bad for my health. Physically and mentally. I've let it get out of hand, and I know it. Instead of me running my gym program I've come to let it run me. Isn't it ironic that from working so hard to be as healthy as possible you can actually become unhealthy...

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Not just to yourself but to other people. The next step is doing something about it.

I'm doing something about it. I just need to re focus and get a better balance.

Time for a new game I think... Deal me in!

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