Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My head is a mess right now.

Maybe not so much a mess as a muddle. A muddle of papers, of lists, of ideas. Like a pin board where things just keep being pinned on top of each other until it's just covered in many different wonderful things but you don't really know where to start un pinning first to get to the stuff underneath.... and I really need to clean off the pin board and get it more organised!

In other news I am more than excited for the new releases of some of my favourite musicians latest works! Justin Timberlake is shortly due to release a new album titled The 20/20 Experience in just over a months time, March 19th. Loving the bight he's given us so far with Suit & Tie! So very catchy and smooth! Paramore are also due to release a new self titled album early in April too. Keen!

I'm also super keen that it is nearly the weekend and am more than excited to go home and see my family! It's been a few weeks now and I'm missing them like crazy!

In the mean time I best attempt to unpin some of those pins...

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