Saturday, March 16, 2013

Such Adults

One of my brothers is celebrating his nineteenth birthday today. Somehow it's hard to believe we've already made it this far. Is it really that many years, practically a decade(now we really do sound ancient) since we were playing dress ups and acting out many an interesting life as if we were already such adults. His character would always be named John. It didn't matter who he was playing, a dad, fireman, doctor or robber. This kid was fixated on being a John.

It certainly doesn't seem that long since we played in the sandpit and built our imaginations into the city's and planes that we would one day live. Not that long since we would pour the gagillion pieces in our vibrantly varied Lego collection onto a sheet on the floor and along with our older brother dive at all the "good pieces" calling dibs on the "best boards" and "body parts". They would default be yours should anyone else come across them. We built our dream homes, architects and builders in our own right creating magnificent dwellings and vehicles for our centimetres tall and terribly yellow tanned plastic people. All before we would play out dramatic stories, directors of the plastic world we would create. Or even the games of "little cars" with every kind of matchbox and hot wheels car you could possibly get your hands on. Gosh we did have fun. Having an older brother and younger brother either side of me meant many of these boyish games were the basis of our daily playing. But I did have Barbies and I did have a Ken doll and they did both step in to play the part on occasion.

Anyway, back to my not so little brother! My my how time flies. Can't wait to see where this young man goes in life. He's one of the most focused people I know and an inspiration and fantastic role model for my other younger brothers and sisters. I literally have to look up to him but also find him a role model of my own.

Happy birthday Joe!

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