Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Speaking of Shoes

Day two was good. Quite enjoyable. We had drawing this morning and 3D this afternoon. Nothing too stressful. Though I am looking forward to improving my drawing skills. They definitely need some attention. 

The good news is we didn't get any homework. The bad news is I still have homework to do because I haven't quite got through what we have left from the first day. It's really quite simple but time consuming and tedious. Some of it is quite fun and then the other bit is just... annoying. But oh well. Tomorrow I'll get it done. I will. It must happen! No classes tomorrow so I have a free day (for now) for whatever I need it for. Hopefully I'll get the homework out of the way early and fit in some shopping. ;)

Shopping for shoes is what I need to do the most. As I walk about half an hour each way, each day, my feet are desperate for some comfort and that's just after two days. And I didn't even walk one way yesterday. Actually it possibly wouldn't take me quite as long to walk there and back if I had some better shoes. My problem is I'm stingy and hate spending more than $20 on a pair of shoes! So I'm going to have to bight that bullet and spend some money I think. My feet might like me better for it too. The dilemma is also finding some that are practical but that I actually like and want to wear...

... Speaking of shoes, last week when I was shopping with my sisters I came across a few new loves, but once again because I'm stingy and also because some weren't particularly practical, I didn't purchase. But check these gorgeous lace-up boots and cute wedges out! I'm just trying to justify them.... I really want them both! And I'm trying to decide if I want some Military boots too... These sandal heels are rather nice too... I really do need a bit of a shoe fix.  A shoe solution. I usually buy a cheep pair and wear them to death. Not so good for my poor feet. So my Wednesday Mission is to find some shoes to solve my problem. Maybe I will head into the city.

Packed to the Rafters was back on television tonight. Was so excited for it. And the best bit was I didn't have to tell my younger siblings to be quiet and go to bed! Last night I watched Brothers and Sisters and it was kind of weird. It's something I've always done with my sisters and they weren't here to keep me awake and discuss the show in the ad breaks! It was just a bit odd for me.

Anyways... my eyes are struggling and my lids are getting heavy. These early mornings and wearing walks are taking there toll!


P.S. Do you like my new skin? I thought it was a bit fitting.


  1. Nice new skin, the old one was good as well though.

  2. Thanks. Yeah I liked the other one lots too.