Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Firsts

I had my first ever day of classes today. Ever ever. The first time I have sat in a classroom of students and not my siblings and had a face to face teacher that wasn't one of my parents! It was rather exciting really. As silly as it may sound these little things excite me! These things are new to me entirely. Another first on my first day is homework! I already have some. I had hoped they might go easy on us first day. Guess not. But I'm going to be good and go and do it after I post this to save having it hang over my head. Hopefully it won't take to long.

A bit homesick still. I guess that will last a while.

I also got my own locker today! I've never had a locker before! This also excites me as another first.

So there were a few firsts today...
* Day of Classes (class-ginity?)
* face to face teachers
* actual classroom class mates
* lot of homework
* My own locker (locker-ginity)

And I'm sure there will be many more firsts to come! Lots of 'ginity' to be lost.

Now for that homework...

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