Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So My heel blister is looking particularly nasty these days. Pretty yuk. and purpley. Quite infected looking. Hopefully I survive it. Don't think I'll be getting new shoes like that for quite some time. Don't know when I'll actually wear those new shoes again...

and unfortunately my day wasn't that productive. Didn't get much homework done... But I did get a bit. Most of what I have to do isn't due till next week. Except this one thing that is going to take me a long time tomorrow after classes! Oh dear.

But I did upload some pictures. Paint my toenails (purple, not as dark as my blister though). and moisturise my legs. Skyped my family. Made the base for a cheesecake. Wrapped some presents. And soaked my foot for a little. So it wasn't a totally nothing day.

Oh well. Hopefully my blister is less gross tomorrow.
It is stressing me quite a bit.


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