Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have all my stuff

Mum came today with two of my brothers and Grandma. My baby brother already looks bigger than when I last saw him. It was so good to see them. And so hard when they had to leave again. I thought I was good but still finding it a bit hard. I'll get there. Eventually.

But it's good because now I have all my stuff! All my shoes. A full wardrobe of clothes. Even got a pin board up and all my other random knick knacks and majiggers are all over the place now. So it looks very much like I actually live in my bedroom now. It's a bit awesome looking. ;) And pretty messy now...

Bit nervous for tomorrow though. It's not the first day of all these classes any more. They expect us to have things done. Stuff to submit. Which I do... It's just.... I'm so worried it's not 'competent'. I've never had to hand work into a teacher face to face before. It's a bit confronting. I guess we will see.

Anyways. Best hit the sack.

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