Sunday, February 13, 2011

Massive. Dark. Deep. Scary.

Here you go Dad, here's a long one just for you!

Got down to the beach yesterday afternoon/evening. We went to Rye Beach. By the time I actually went onto the beach and to the water it was pretty dim light. Wow! It's so big. Wow. Massive. Dark. Deep. Scary. Wow! It's SO BIG! Were some of the words that crossed my mind. I mean, I know the ocean is big. But I guess you could say I was a little overwhelmed! Wow. Also by this time you had the gorgeous view of the city lights in the far distance across the water like little sparkling fairy lights. That was pretty cool. Didn't get a picture of that bit though. Next time. Also +points for beach bathroom as it had paper towel to dry your hands on. I hate it when public toilets don't have paper towel!

So there you go. Beach ginity finally lost!

This morning I went out on the beach and found it a lot less intimidating in full light. Also rather white, bright and lairy on my eyes! But beautiful all the same. Went down to the water to dip my feet in but was stopped in my tracks when I spotted these massive slug shaped blobs of what looked like see through jelly or hair gel. I figured they weren't something I wanted to be touching. Not keen to be stung by jelly fish on my first visit to the beach! So it took me a while to actually get in the water. But I did. And despite the quite cool weather we had today it was quite nice just dipping in the feet. Thought the salt water would be good for all those blisters too. The ones from my thongs are nearly as bad as the original ones on my heels now! Hopefully I won't need to put any shoes on tomorrow. Shoe free Sunday sounds good to me!

While at Rye we hired Eat. Pray. Love. Thought 'hey, Julia Roberts, haven't seen that one, wouldn't mind it, on my [mental] list of movies to watch.' I wouldn't really give it more than two and a half stars out of five. It was a bit long and drawn out and just... didn't seem like that much actually happened really. Gorgeous scenery and such things but just not that awesome otherwise. Oh well. At least I can say I've seen it.

We also drove across slash up to Sorrento and Portsea. Saw some real waves! Was beautiful! And we had the best Nachos at the Sorrento Beach Cafe, All Smiles. Also had this flash iced coffee. It was a pretty funky little venue actually. Click the name for a squiz.

Also went for a walk out along the pier. That was pretty cool. Took photos of a lot of this stuff but the lens on my camera was filthy so there not fantastic but I will possibly put some on here when I get them organised.

Tonight before coming home we went out for tea in Rye at the Steam Asian Restaurant. Bit of a new experience. I'm not really a big Asian food eater, haven't been that adventurous and tried much of it either. I had some salt and pepper squid, pork and prawn dumpling, sticky pork salad that had pineapple, coriander and some other stuff in it and there was also some green curry, chicken and rice. This was all pretty nice, though I can't say I'm a fan of curry. I liked the pineapple bit! So I'm still not really into the Asian food but still a nice meal out.-points for Steam as they did not have paper towel in their bathroom!

Just been watching another movie I had been wanting to see that has been out for a few years now. He's Just Not That Into You. This was also a long movie but it was good. Eat. Pray. Love. went for 140 minutes. He's Just Not That Into You went for 129 minutes. Only 11 minutes shorter yet I didn't sit there thinking 'when will this end?!' like I did for a fair amount of Eat. Pray. Love. Much more interesting and drama filled. Just how I like it. I'd probably give it about... three point seven out of five. Not quite a four star movie but it was a lot better than my expectations of what that film was going to be like. I have a bit of a soft spot for Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore. I usually like Scarlett Johansson though not a fan of her character in this film. Justin Long was good. Didn't really like him much before but really enjoyed his character in this one. They were all good.

Get to see Mum tomorrow! Bit excited about that. And Grandma and my oldest and youngest brothers. That's a bit exciting too. And all my stuff will come with them. Thank goodness!     

It's actually nearly a whole hour into Sunday now. Usually at this time of the week I'd be out and about somewhere with friends....

Oh well. Bed time I believe.

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