Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting lucky

So it's Friday the 13th... apparently it's a rather unlucky for Friday and the 13th to align therefore making it a rather unlucky day for those of us who like to employ a bit of superstition in our lives. Well it certainly hasn't been an unlucky day in the storybook of my life! Not a particularly extraordinary day either, but a good one all the same. Chilled with my favourite people and got through some work that needed to be done that I actually really enjoyed doing but just find frustratingly time consuming as I've run out of it entirely. Then I even got to do my favourite thing. Go to the discount lolly shop and buy lots of chocolate. Yes. I have a problem. A chocolate buying problem. There's just something about getting my favourite sweet treats at discounted prices that just does it for me! Lucky I have so many siblings to share it with right?

The only unlucky part of today is that it marks the last day of my holidays and after the weekend it's back to my packed weekly schedule! I was actually really enjoying these holidays. Usually I'm totally ready for them to end and though, as always, I'm looking forward to getting back to it, I'm definitely sadder than usual that the holidays are over. It's just been really nice and relaxing (and extremely lazy) being at home. Though there is a lot of work.... that I reallllllly should have done. Can you see me face palming? 4398759487 times? What a goose right? I had so much time to do it all.... where did that time go?

Oh well!

First round of netball tomorrow. Totally pumped. Very keen to hit the court for some competition! Wish me luck!


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