Friday, March 2, 2012

Late rambling

Decidedly sleep is quite an inconvenience. As I attempt to get some work complete I'm struggling to stay awake though if it were possible not to need to sleep, that I wouldn't actually struggle later today because I'm going to be surviving on a few hours sleep I would happily not sleep at all.

It's flooding back home at the moment. Not my actually home but surrounding areas. It's frustrating and amazing to think that five years ago if you told us that it would be flooding now we would have laughed. I remember wondering if we would ever really get rain again as we struggled through a dry dry drought. We never thought we would be complaining about having to much rain in any near future. Yet here we are and we're just hoping there isn't to much more to come for now. Crazy! And I love how they have the news reporters wading through knee high water and then have these little kids playing in the flood waters in the background. I know as a child of course that's exactly what you want to be doing.... but isn't that one of the things they say is quite dangerous. I'm sure they say not to play in flood waters....

It's just a tad annoying though as I planned to head home this weekend but am slightly concerned about getting stuck back there! That's probably a very slim worst case scenario I suppose. So keen to go home and see the family though. After staying down last weekend I miss them too much!

Went to my first ever game of soccer last night! The Australia vs. Saudi Arabia at AAMI Park. Never been inside there before. Was a rather exciting match to watch! 24,000 spectators provided and exciting atmosphere. We weren't looking so good until the middle of the second half when Australia came back from being down 1 - 2 to scoring three goals in the space of about five minutes! It was intensely exciting!

Best get back to it....

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