Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You can never have enough cake!

What a gloriously beautiful day! Apparently it got to 30 degrees though as my classroom tends to be annoyingly cool I never felt the real heat of it. But when I did get out it was rather lovely! Can't believe we're back down to 15 by Friday! Get up with it Melbourne. We want to depend on you for some more consistency! It's no fun pulling out the sun dress one day and the woolies the next!

So the weekend just gone, along with not sleeping much, who's silly idea was that? I took a little walk down memory lane. Decided to treat my little October Birthday buddy brother to a birthday outing treat as due to the close proximity of our birthdays and the busyness surrounding them I hadn't really had the chance to stop and celebrate his eleventh birthday with him. So off we went on a little bit of a surprise birthday outing for him. KFC for lunch, popcorn chicken is the order, seems to be his favourite thing. He even had it twice in the one day! Then we headed off to this massive playground called Kidstown that he's never had the opportunity to go to before! I couldn't believe it when we realized he'd missed out on visiting the best playground I'd ever been to as a kid. My seven-year-old little brother came with us too and was beside himself with excitement at Kidstown. He couldn't believe his luck! It was quite funny being back there. Everything is so much smaller than you remember it being.... I think it was like that nearly every time you went. As you got older it all became less and less exciting, enormous and adventurous until the big slide just wasn't scary anymore and there was no way you could get lost in the maze anymore.... and your feet dragged along the ground when you attempted to fly across the flying fox. It was fun while it lasted! Anyway, after that we did a bit of shopping with a trip to the discount lolly shop of course. I should be banned from that place. Here we got some Kinder Surprises. When I was younger we always got the Yowie's? They were Cadbury's version of a Kinder Surprise. Don't know what happened to them... Then of course we had to look at the Lego sets. This was all finished up with a delicious family dinner and many candles on top of the top part of my 21st cake. I think Benny enjoyed his treat! Hope it did! Happy Birthday!

Was quite funny the commentary of seven-year-old Sam throughout the day. He thought that since Ben is no longer "Ben ten" he would now have to change his name toe Kevin and be "Kevin eleven!". I thought that was rather thoughtful of him really! The day ranked in as the second best day of his life he tells me! And he was just tagging along! What a sweetie!

Think I'm up to a cake count of... one, two, three, four, five, six! Omnomnom! All including cupcakes, pineapple cake and lots white and milk chocolate cake muddy goodness. Dangerous stuff!

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