Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pump up Spring!

I love how just listening to a song can brighten your day. Whether it be because of a memory attached or just because it's a typically uplifting song that you love. Today while I was in the gym Channel [v] decided to play three consecutive Foster the People songs. Of course firstly it was Pumped up Kicks and then I can't remember specifically the other two as I always get the titles all mixed up but wow! It just made me so happy. Just hearing the intro of Pumped Up Kicks took me back to summer, to dizzy hot days, sweating something silly, Big Day Out 2012 and just fantastic times with friends and family. I've come home and put it straight on and even now I can almost smell summer and feel the thick warm air that comes with it! I'm actually kind of looking forward to it warming up, it was quite lovely today. Usually I hate the thought of hot weather, not that I want it hot hot.... just warm. Bring on Spring!

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