Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Summary 26/8/2012

So this week was rather good! I felt quite productive! Which I haven’t for a while.

Got to catch up with a friend on the train trip home and was dumbfounded when a passenger across from us was quite annoyed and requested that we give the talking a break. I’ve never had that happen or experienced it happening to someone else. We weren’t talking about anything inappropriate or rude. We were just chatting away about anything and everything and though maybe we were a little loud at some point we weren’t doing anything wrong. When your on public transport I wouldn’t expect to have someone be so annoyed for that kind of noise. So there you go. There is a first time for everything!

Music wise, I bought 360’s album today, Falling & Flying, so I’m quite keen to get into that this week. Also been loving Taylor Swift's new stuff. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together & her collaboration with B. o. B., Both of Us.

The week in thousands of words...
Cooking white chocolate brownies!

My two year old brother who loves playing on Mum's iPhone. Certainly not something I was doing at that age!

Private performances from my talented little sisters!

Chicken Kiev. Om. Nom. Nom.
My typical Friday lunch. Spicy prawn sushi and a vegetarian curry puff.

Delicious pizza on a little date with my sister!

Good luck with the week!

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