Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power of Exercise

It's hard to believe that at one stage today I had a terrible headache and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. Unfortunately this was early in the afternoon and by the time I had finished our afternoon class my headache had only gotten much worse. As I fake contemplated not going to the gym (I say fake because unless I couldn't physically move at all then it's not physically possible for me to not actually go to the gym) luckily I found some panadol in my bag. So then I trudged off to the gym dreading it more and more and considering the fact that I probably have issues when I am going to the gym feeling so crappy. But thank goodness I did! By the end of my session I was feeling absolutely fantastic. I guess the panadol and endorphins both kicked in. Whatever it was, it was a simply fantastic feeling. And I can say it resulted in a rather productive evening really. 

So I guess the moral of that little story is that you shouldn't underestimate the power of exercise. It can totally turn your day around and it is such a free and not to mention healthy high!

So the term is closing in and there are a few urgent pieces of work that need to be completed.... not sure how they're actually going to get done! Cross your fingers for me! It will get done somehow.... just got to work out how to get it done. On the plus side we did have our last day of Monday classes today and I am totally up to date and assuming the last few briefs that we have just submitted are competent then totally finished with those two subjects. Goodbye Colour Theory and 2D!

Offspring was, as usual, totally lovable. Poor Nina.... she is totally going to get with that new doctor. He is a rather charming looking fella. But it would be rather sad to see Frasier go. He is such an attractive young man!

In other news I definitely had a bit of a fall playing netball over the weekend. Definitely managed to take a good bit of skin off my knee. It's a bit awkward. Kind of did my ankle a bit too. But oh well. We did manage a good win. And we don't play this weekend because of the Queen's birthday so my ankle won't have to worry about playing for another fortnight.

Speaking of birthdays, it is my Grandad's today! Happy Birthday Grandad!

Best get back to the homework! 

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