Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to sleep...

So this morning didn't start so good. I turned off my alarm and accidentally fell back to sleep not to wake until 8.05! 10 minutes before I am usually rushing out the door. So after a rushed around getting ready I didn't sit down to have breakfast and hurried off grabbing some food on my way out the door. So I think I will be setting a second alarm. I am all to often turning off that alarm and then having to rush around while getting ready to go in the last week or so. Time for some getting of act together I think!

So needless to say my start to the day wasn't ideal. It wasn't a continued trend though. The rest of my day has been quite successful. Not only do I feel on top of things, I even got to watch Offspring and won't have to catch up on it at a later date. I only just got to watching the first episode of the second series last night. Loving it! I felt so frustrated at the end of the first season to the extent that I was in no way planning to indulge in the second series.... but after the ads and the hype... and seeing Asher Keddie in Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo I gave in... and am not regretting the decision as yet.

Life drawing again tomorrow.... or more today now as time seems to have run away from me again.


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