Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today has been quite uneventful really. I managed to get up on time, luckily I remembered to set a second alarm last night. I got ready and headed out the door hoping not to get caught in the predicted showers. The trip to uni was dry. The day even became quite sunny. We managed an extra long lunch break and so wondered around the reject shop. No purchases for me. Coffee. Class again. Gym. And then got caught in thankfully light showers on the way home. Pumped up my netball which must have a hole in it because everyday it is half flat. Drives me insane! So then I shot some goals and did some passes against the brick wall. Washed my hair and now I'm here. Riveting stuff right?!

So not much to report. Except for a change I decided to stay in tonight. Get a proper sleep instead of two hours like the last few weeks. And hopefully attack some homework.... Needless to say I can't wait to go out again next Tuesday.


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