Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Flave #013

The Romantics wasn't a bad film. It seemed older than just being made in 2010 but that's probably just me. Starring The ever so pleasing on the eye, Josh Duhamel along side Katie Holmes and Adam Brody is probably one of my favourite in the cast. The film was about a group of friends brought together for a wedding which is complicated as the maid of honour was quite seriously involved with the groom when he became engaged to the bride. As you can imagine it makes for an interesting weekend! 7/10.

The Art of Getting By stars Freddie Highmore as George, a young creative student who has pretty much gone the entire school year not doing any work and now has to get a years worth of homework complete to pass. Along with the stresses of school he befriends an interesting character, Sally played by Emma Roberts. It was alright. 5/10.

Finally watched the film The Help based on the book by Kathryn Stockett. I was not disappointed. Far from it. Starring Emma Stone as the leading lady, Skeeter Phelan, an aspiring journalist and author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s who secretly writes a book about the African-American maids' point of view on the white families they work for. Also starring Viola Davis as Aibileen, the main maid that helps Skeeter write her book. Another familiar face Octavia Spencer is Minny Jackson, another of the helpful maids. Along with the rest of the cast I think they were all fantastic and I was so pleased to be satisfied with the film. 9/10.

The Amazing Spiderman. Well. I thought it was amazing. Am pretty much in love with Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker slash Spiderman. I think I'll be in love with whatever character he plays for some time if not forever more! And then Emma Stone (yes more Emma Stone, she really is the 'it' girl at the moment, isn't she?) was actually pretty awesome as the leading lady and love interest, Gwen Stacy. It was fantasticly awesome. This may be partly because I was in the ideal mood for this kind of film.... or just purely because of Andrew Garfield. Insert sigh here. So many people have said they hadn't seen the others so thought they would be lost going to see the "fourth" one. So many don't seem to realise it's like starting the story all over again. And I love that. I really enjoy how this film takes longer to get to when Peter actually becomes spiderman, more of a backstory. Those that are really into the Marvel comics don't seem that impressed by it but from my un-educated-on-Marvel point of view I give it a 9.7/10. I took some of my siblings and they loved it. Sister gave it a 9.5/10. Also was quite happy with the Garfield casting. Then my little brothers, the ten year old gave it "9/10 rubber chickens" and Spiderman fanatic that was just the most excited ever to go and see the film gave it "10/10 rubber chickens", or "ten million out of ten million" if he could. He loved the 3D. (The rubber chickens thing is from some television show they watch on ABC3, Good Game Spawn Point)

I also recently finished another book! I decided after seeing the trailer for the film The Great Gatsby based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald that I should pick up the book and read it. I added it to the list and ended up jumping it to the front of the queue. A story about Jay Gatsby an interesting character who has led an interesting life which has an interesting series of events that leads to a dramatic conclusion. I quite enjoyed it. For the most part it was a good read, I enjoyed the language and the way it was written though admittedly at moments I was a little bit lost. 8/10. Keen for the film!

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