Saturday, February 11, 2012

Extreme keen!

So I clearly have problems. Despite my sweet food restrictions I am totally incapable of walking into a discount lolly shop and not purchasing a ridiculous amount of chocolate and lollies. I share them of course but last weekend I literally spend $40 within 10 minutes on various chocolates and lollies. Stocked up I did! Why does it have to be so bad for me to consume so much of it? It's such a challenge. I do really keenly look forward to the weekends just to have my little gauge sessions on a ridiculous amount of sugary, chocolatey goodness! I believe I have a problem.... but fixing it isn't a priority at the moment! Hence I am going to start a new branch on this bitter sweet tree of mine. Look out!

Two sleeps to go until finally (yes in all honesty I am sincerely saying finally) I get to go back to uni! And I am so extremely keenly excited. It's so different to last year, not as new an experience, but it will be a different one all the same. New teachers, and if we're lucky maybe some other new faces. Getting back to the old ones will be fun too. Very keen to catch up with everyone indeed! Holidays are great... but really, these ones have felt a little prolonged. I would have happily gone back two weeks ago. Having said that I won't complain, the holidays have been fantastic. Though there are some things I had hoped to do the stuff I did get to do was awesome fun and I've been able to take some serious time out and just totally relax which we all need to do ever so often.

So in going back I'm wracking my brains as to what I really need to organise to be ready. I can't think of anything important so hopefully I'm not forgetting something! Except for a keen enthusiasm of course.

Yesterday after going to see Any Questions for Ben? (which you can read my thoughts about in the latest The Flave #006, soon to be posted) we hit up McDonalds on the way home and though I wasn't buying anything my self as a driver I went through the drive through for the first time ever. I don't know if it's sad or odd that I've literally never driven through any drive through before... but there. The drive-through-ginity is all gone.

Anyway, off to get a trim to freshen up the hair, it needs it pretty desperately actually. Then off to do a little bit of shopping I think.

I will leave you with a quote I found particularly inspiring the other day from one of my favourite blogs swiss-miss. I feel it rings quite true.

“From my experience, you can’t wait around to find what you love. You gotta work your ass off. And then you find what you love by doing piles and piles of work.”
- Kate Bingaman Burt

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