Monday, February 20, 2012

LINKspired #004

LINKspired #004

As usual Frankie in the form of their Magazine never fails to inspire me. Also their blog often consist of posts that leave me in awe of the creative talent in this world. I particularly loved their recent post about artist Kate Holland and her book art sculptures. They're are just so outside the box!

Another discovery through Frankie was the Sandwich Cake. It's so laugh out loud funny before you consider what a cool idea it is but then you look at the pictures and decide whether it's appetising or just a little bit hard to take... either way I think it's a wonderfully creative idea!

These Valentines posters are just awesome! Read the desktop article and check out the pictures to see what it's all about.

Speaking of Valentines how comedically cute are these Sweet Morsels cards found at W + K Studios?!

Another post on desktop I found inspiring was about the gorgeous work of Jessica Wong. She's got it all right! Her typography is stunning!

The dieline is another new favourite blog of mine. Full of gorgeous packaging designs a recent favourite are these cute Just Cook spice blends. I love the simplicity yet bold character of it.

Hope this may have inspired in some shape or form!

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