Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Flave #005

The Flave #005

I watched Love & Other Drugs weeks ago now. I thought it was totally charming! Or at least Jake Gyllenhaal who was the leading man, Jamie, certainly was totally charming. And along side the always stunning Anne Hathaway I feel this movie is a winner! The story is a typical one but the characters are relatable and loveable and I couldn't help getting wrapped up in it all. A totally enjoyable watch. 9/10.

One Day by David Nicholls. Second book completed for the year, totally psyched! And it was quite wonderful. I love how it covered so much time as throughout the book each chapter skips from one year to the next and you follow the characters, Emma and Dexter as they go from scared and unsure students graduating from college, heading off along different paths in life to middle aged successes all the while dealing with separate relationships, dilemmas and lives but always keeping in contact for all those years. I certainly shed my fair share of tears by the end of it and am totally excited to see this one in film. I think it is not long released on DVD so as soon as it is on a good sale I will be eagerly running down to the shops to get my hot little hands on a copy! I feel like because the story is spread over such an amount of time but with such regular and consistent updates I was rarely wanting to put it down. I feel like I got a lot out of reading this one. Another book I would totally recommend giving a go! 9.8/10.

Country Strong was fantastic! I really enjoyed this film. It was really sweet. I love Leighton Meesters and it was great to see her out of her usual Blair character on Gossip Girl and playing a totally different roll. And as always Gwenyth Paltrow was solidly convincing as her troubled character, Kelly. The story was quite touching. I even enjoyed the country soundtrack and I'm usually not into that kind of music. Garrett Hedlund played his leading man roll well, bit of a cutie! Tim McGraw was also very good. Recommend a watch! 8.5/10.

Now for some thoughts on what is perhaps the most suiting subject to review on The Flave: food! No I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert on the subject, I can only tell you my opinion from my own, quite limited pallet. Having said that my Grandma does make a pretty mean cake and various other slices and bakery items so I think through this I have gained some good taste! Anyway on with the job. This weekend I took some of my sisters on a bit of a drive in which we made a visit to one of the Beachworth Bakery's so here is our little review of what we tried accompanied by some dangerously mouthwatering images...

French Vanilla Slice
So I'm not sure if because it was French it didn't have icing on top like most other vanilla slice I have had but I certainly missed it. That along with the pastry being so hard that you couldn't cut through it without all the custard sliding out the sides was rather dissapointing. I like the pastry softened and the sugary icing on top! I think we all agreed it wasn't the best we'd had.
Rating out of 10
R: 7, J: 7, E: 7, A: Didn't try it.

Happy Face Biscuit
Typically cute with sprinkles and icing for hair and smarties for eyes the good old happy face biscuits take me back to being six years old and going into the bakery with Mum where you would proceed to pester her for one of those biscuits on the other side of the glass in front of you while pressing fingerprints all over the glass. Decidedly it was up to reasonable standard according to the youngest member of the panel gave an almost perfect rating. Though some of us felt that the jam in the middle wasn't spread across the biscuit well enough and that there could of been a bit more of it. All in all it was a typical happy face biscuit.
Rating out of 10
R: 6, J: 8, E: 5, A: 9.5

Death by Chocolate
This dark and rich looking layered mud cake had us all a little bit excited. Can't go past chocolate! This was a decidedly rich and indulging treat and we did think that perhaps it would have been a bit nicer had it been served with some cream as it was so rich it would have given it that little bit of extra love. Apart from quite a tough little critic the general consensus was this was possibly the favourite.
Rating out of 10
R: 9, J: 8, E: 9.5, A: 3.

Chocolate Eclair
This chocolate creamy filled item was a hit with all of us as it received the highest score. Though there was a little more than enough cream the whole thing disappeared the quickest and as we ate it murmurs of satisfied taste buds couldn't help but follow. The icing was delicious as was the pastry and it just all was so.... divine!
Rating out of 10
R: 8, J: 9, E: 8.5, A: 6.5

Overall a tasty experience at the Beachworth Bakery!

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