Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watching Wilfred...

It’s Friday! One of the best of days as we all know. There is nothing nicer than that feeling of excited anticipation of looking forward to what the weekend will bring. Looking forward to things is sometimes a better feeling than actually doing the things.

Good news on the camera front! Thanks to a particularly clever cousin of mine (thank you very very very very very much!), it is back to the world of the electronically functioning living. It does groan at me every time it opens it’s lens but I feel it does this more as a scarring reminder that it’s a fragile piece of equipment and it needs some extra care here on in. So no forking out for a replacement any time in the near future. Thank goodness!

News with other lovable and awesome objects in my life my gorgeous watch, Wilfred, yes, that is what I shall name him. I don’t claim sanity here, yes I like to name my most loved possessions. What of it? But yes, Wilfred is finally fitted to my wrist! I definitely did a little bit of excited celebratory jumping when I got him back yesterday. I can wear him! And have been all day, admiring the gorgeousness of my lovely new watch(thanks to another few awesome cousins I happen to have). It’s funny having something on my wrist of this size but I feel quite used to it already. It’s nice not to have to fish around and find my phone just to see what the time is!

So as well as that serious craving for a burrito that I was confessing in my last blog and partly probably the reason that I am also feeling particularly partial towards avocado at the moment. Not on it’s own though. Just with stuff. So keen for some in a good bit of guacamole in this highly anticipated burrito. There’s this kind of humorous poster at the exit of the women’s change rooms of my gym with this avocado and how they’re good for you.

Today in class I knocked off another brief (hooray!), which happened to be a presentation on the studio access we participated in as part of our AGideas experience a few weeks ago. This particular event of the week has risen a few points in my mind. One being that I am feeling re inspired just seeing other people’s presentations and experiences of the studio access visits but also inspired by the studios they got to see. Secondly I feel so relieved to have done a presentation, not only just to have gotten it out of the way but also because we hadn’t done any yet this semester and though I was finding it rather stressful (as per usual) and was not as prepared as I would have liked to have been I feel quite content with how it went. Yes I did fumble and muck up my visual aids at one point and of course there were a few cases of miss reading notes and getting myself tongue-tied. I’m sure I spent far too much of the time looking down at my notes rather than making some quality crowd eye contact… but I enjoyed it. Presentations are one of those challenges that though I think I hate them I actually kind of love them. I do like to do a bit of public speaking, though I always find it nerve wracking, it’s always a challenge and there is always going to be a bit of thrill in being able to challenge yourself and achieve a good result in overcoming your little fears. I just need to go into these things a little better prepared so I don’t have to note read so much. That one just comes back to my poor time management at this current time. Anyway, back to the points that came to mind, thirdly it has made me realize I never did a good and proper review of the whole thing. It’s been a big few weeks of life in general and I guess I’ve had a few distractions! And though I know there is no real demand for it, I will do one in the next week or so. Promise.

If you just got through that gabble give yourself a pat on the back! And have a lovely weekend!

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