Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Summary 3/6/2012

So my sister showed me this really awesome video the other night. These two young girls with some empty butter/margarine tubs and some serious talent I believe. It’s the sweetest sounding thing. Call Your Girlfriend. The original is by Robyn, a swedish pop star, and is also rather good but I just love the stripped back sound of these little angels voices!

It’s definitely been a testing week as far as life goes. There are things that you can only learn the hard way it seems. But as long as you can learn something every day, I think we're winning.

I’m losing at the moment though. My camera died last weekend. My gorgeous and beloved little Nikon Coolpix N97. It’s served me so well and due to my lack of care it refuses to open it’s lens for me any longer. Which is frustrating as I am now camera-less. Shall have to see if I can do some borrowing while I work out what I want in my new camera! I did tear up when I stood in a state of confusion as to why it should fail on me now. But gosh it's served me well. Even with it's extra flashiness, so many people always comment "There's so many flashes!". And it's deep lense. People always thought I was taking the picture far too close... until they saw the picture and they would see how perfect it was. 

Music this week has had me constantly turning to some old Coldplay stuff such as The Scientist and Fix You and also I’ll Be has stuck around in my head. Also Benny and the Jets! Which always makes me think of 27 Dresses… you know, the scene in the bar? Yeahhhh. Gosh I love that movie. Also the new Miike Snow song, The Wave. Check it. I feel I may have mentioned it before...

Netball went well as usual. Also had a lot of family stuff on over the weekend. Not only did I attend my first ever engagement party but I also attended my first ever baby shower! All very exciting stuff!

The week in thousands of words...

The spectacularly bright and colourful cupcakes one of my sisters made.

Have been eyeing off these pads at typo forever and finally bought one.

After finishing off the Help last week I have made a start on The Hunger Games.

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