Friday, June 22, 2012

LINKspired #008

At the moment I have a thing for milk carton shaped items. And I love this student design: The Cultured Cow. The simplicity of the designs and the colours used are just lovely!

A toothbrush that helps you rinse. How clever!

Loving the packaging design for this Drop In label. How cute is the concept?!

This Chilly Moo concept packaging is pretty funky and cute too!

15 things Charles and Ray Eames taught us. My favourite is 14.
"Make design your life… and life, your design."

Pizza is something I'm craving a lot at the moment so maybe that's why this particular packaging is rather appealing! Qizini is brilliantly done! 

The bold simplicity of this Good Food packaging is rather pleasing also.

Was rather excited by my discover of this MagSpreads website.

Fancy Pants. Preeeeeeeeeetty!

As I was getting my ticket today I noticed these charming posters up for V-Line's guilt trip campaign.

Not so much expiring but kind of exciting... not as excited as I normally would be though, but there's a new trailer for Breaking Dawn part II!

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