Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Summary 27/5/2012

How is it already the last weekend in May?! Where did it go?!

I'll Be by Edwin McCain is just stuck in my head at the moment. Heard it on the radio Saturday. I love that song so much. Still getting a feel for my favourite tracks The Temper Trap (They've recently re-done their website! It's pretty flash. Check it!) and Last Dinosaurs albums that I bought last week. Maybe Tomorrow by Chance Waters and featuring Lilian Blue is a really cool track.

This week has been quite inspirational as we had the annual AG ideas conference in the city at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It's a creatives conference that many different creative fields are involved in. Then even an after party at the NGV! It was all pretty inspiring. A full review to come later in the week. It just reminds me of how much a love the city.

The week in thousands of words...

Definitely had an interesting week. Life is nothing short of interesting.

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