Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LinkSpired #006

This is just the cutest little illustration art print, Love Yourself.

I want this for on my wall. Imagine, a hole to another universe! Like a portal of possibility.

In love with the gorgeous packaging for the Mac and Ninny Paper Co. In love with the typewriter illustrations and the typefaces and combination of it all together.

The Basic Elements of Creativity. Have a squiz. We try so hard to come up with something entirely original but it's always going to have to start from something.

As if this isn't a neat as lasagne cook book! Bet it tastes extra awesome!

Just In Case the world really ends this year. Quirky and bold. I love it!

Tasty looking moustaches! These are totally cute and clever! Mr. Chocolate looks totally melt worthy!

So much awesome stuff out there when you start to really look for it!

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