Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Summary 13/5/2012

Firstly I would like to wish my dear mum the very happiest of mothers days! She is such an amazing woman and does so much for the entire family. I have no idea what she runs on but she is just... SO amazing. Wonder woman and then some! I can only hope that one day I will live up to being as awesome a mother and woman that she is. Love you mum!

Music that I'm diggin' this week: Lisa Mitchell's quirky track, Spiritus and I Got Burned - The Bamboos & Tim Rogers. Also Florence and the Machine's Never Let Me Go is hauntingly beautiful. And The Cribs - Come On, Be a No-One is quite cool too along with Miike Snow - The Wave. There is also a song that is stuck in my head.... but it's one of those ones where all you can remember is one line so when you type it into google (which had the cutest logo today!) it has no idea what you're talking about because it's so general..... but it goes "when I wake up in the morning....". I don't know why google can't work out what I'm talking about! But I am just loving this song!

This week it was pink ribbon day at netball which is a particularly special day this year as we remember the very recent passing of an amazing woman who in recent times lost a battle that she had been fighting bravely for quite some time. She will never be forgotten.

The week in thousands of words...

Pink ribbon day at netball meant we all wore pink tape.

Mothers day treating mum to some Vanilla slice...

bright flowers and...

a cute scarf. 

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