Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Butter is so evil! Why must it be so amazing in so many things! It's never good news but oh so tasty!

Day Six of the new cut backs in consumption. Five if you discount Sunday which I decided is eat what you like day, within reason and moderation of course. And I did this weekend! Had an awesome croissant. Though I did share it so I didn't eat it all to myself. Also hit the Sugar Station and goodness me that was dangerous!

Had a fantastic weekend though, went the Science Works which I've never been to before so that was kind of cool, even though I'm sure as a younger being I would have found it more interesting. Then finally attended my first AFL game! Though apparently I did attend one when I was about two or three. Obviously no recollection of that. But yes, went and saw the Richmond vs North Melbourne match at Edihad. Unfortunately Richmond didn't manage a win but it was certainly an exciting match to spectate! Can't wait to attend some more next season!

Can certainly feel my new gym program in my abs! Started it yesterday, undecided as to whether I like it or not. It's all very challenging but then so was the last one. I guess there is no point if it isn't.


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