Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Precious Time...

So I watched Where the Wild Things Are on Tuesday. If you've seen it yourself you will know just how bizarre this film is. Despite it's odd idea it is quite a sweet film. The wild characters are very strange looking but likeable. And the little boy, Max, though entirely out of control is so cute! It's hard not to take his side. Wasn't sure what to expect with this one knowing it was a feature film out of a short illustration story. I like where they took it but I don't know if in the end there was really a satisfying finish. 3.9/5 I'll say. What did you think of it?

On Saturday I watched Precious. This was somewhat a confronting experience. I won't say much at the risk of giving to much away, but if you feel the need to watch make sure you have some tissues on hand! 3/5. not a film I'll probably watch again but it was quite a touching film.

Just now i have finally finished reading a book. A book that I have been reading for at least four months if not more. The Time Travellers Wife has had a home on my bedside table for far too long! I seem to be a very slow reader at the best of times and struggle to put aside time to read novels and such things very much because it always take me so long. But I have finally conquered this particular book and will finally be able to sit down and watch the film that they made on it. Overall I think the book was good, the storyline is romantic but I do think it becomes a bit drawn out maybe. Can't wait to watch the film and compare.

How beautiful was the weather yesterday?! It was so lovely with the breeze but not a chilling breeze, a warm breezy wind. Just divine! And then there was the storm which I believe caused a bit of damage about the place. Hope you weren't effected!


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