Monday, March 7, 2011

Real News?

Had the best most amazingly awesome chicken wraps for tea tonight. So very good. So long since I've had a wrap and these were just orgasmic! And pineapple. I'm loving pineapple so much these days!

So I missed Glee last Monday and had to catch up today before watching the new one tonight. Totally loved last weeks episode. Love that they did some Bieber tracks. Was pretty cute and quite funny really. Though Finn attempting Bieber was not a good look! Tonight's episode was also quite entertaining. The whole teen drinking storyline was quite amusing how they screwed up and learnt a lesson and managed to get away with it all without much consequence.

I really shouldn't even mention these things because that's then contributing to exactly what I'm hating on at the moment. I'm so sick of hearing about this girl and Nixon and the St Kilda football club. That child needs help and all these media people paying her for a story isn't going to do her any good. I'm also extremely bored of hearing about Charlie Sheen. He is also in need of some serious help. It's just a joke. I want to hear about something more interesting or at least something more important about what is going on in the world and just in general hear about something that doesn't encourage bad behaviour as a way of getting paid a lot for some media attention! I want some real news!

In an attempt to leave you with something interesting here's a cool picture that I came across at uni today when we were looking at figure-ground.

What do you see?


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