Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rarely Quiet Weekend

Been a rather relaxing weekend in some ways. I stayed down and didn't go home on Friday. Stayed in and had the biggest chicken schnitzel roll ever! It had three layers of chicken schnitzel! Dad would love one of them. I also watched the Social Network. It was really good. I've waited a long time to see it but I feel it has lived up to my anticipation. Though I did get to the end and feel like I wanted more. I wanted something else. It left me a little bit unsatisfied.

Saturday morning I went into the city and did some window shopping and caught up with some friends for the day. Also went and looked at the Screen Worlds exhibition at Fed Square. That was pretty cool! Though looking at the Play School exhibit I was shocked to see they didn't have the real rocket clock. It can't be. The rocket clock is HEAPS bigger than that! And also decidedly "little" Ted is rather big! Otherwise had a quiet Saturday night in (the first in a while) watching A Walk To Remember and doing a bit of homework.

Today was pretty much all homework too. I think I've almost got this History thing done. Just got to put it into a presentation pretty much and then hope to goodness that I get a pass and don't actually have to look at it again. Ever.

Just finished off some painting which was surprisingly relaxing to do.

So I had a rarely quiet weekend. I don't think I will get another for quite some time! Hmmm.... another week is upon us! Best head to bed!


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