Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I've been a bit slack on the blogging front. It's been a while. I just couldn't really be bothered to sit in front of a computer and blog while I was spending some quality time at home.

So. What have I been doing with all of this time?

On Friday I got back home and watched Whip It which has Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore in it. And this guy that is so like Owen Wilson it's not funny. I spent the whole movie wishing it was him too. I think it may of been his brother. There voices are pretty much identical! Was quite an enjoyable watch. Something a bit different but of course with the typical kind of predictable storyline. Was pretty cute. I'd give it about a 3/5.

Then on Saturday I watched The Ugly Truth. (another finally) That's the one with Katherine Heigl. It was one of those movies that I knew it was going to be a bit rude and.... I can't think of a word to describe it... kind of.... truthful I guess. Anyway, even though I knew it was to be like that I still felt a little shocked when it was like that. But I really enjoyed it none the less! quite funny. And I just love Katherine Heigl. I give it a 3.7/5.

Apart from this I then went out on Saturday night. Got into bed at a ridiculous hour, just how I like it! Then got up at 10am to get ready for the 3630 Music festival. It was fantastic. Despite getting saturated as a storm went through. And getting mud all over me. (We were just walking through a lake for the rest of the day after it rained) It was quite awesome. Except we were just buying shirts when the storm came through and then when it went away the people had packed up and we couldn't get them anymore. It was pretty depressing actually!

And Angus and Julia Stone were AMAZING. So fantastic. Just.... wow! So worth it. Claire Bowdich was also there and she was amazing also. It was a fantastic day! Though by the end of it, which I think was about 12am by the time it finished, we were so dead on our feet. A McChicken burger has never tasted so amazing! So that was all very good.

Had a birthday lunch for my brother yesterday where we had the best ever ice-cream cake. Think a brownie base, and then layers in no particular order with choc mint choc chip, oreos and vanilla, chocolate and marshmallows and possibly another one which I can't remember. Just amazing!! Also caught up with some family when I got back to the big smoke last night. That was nice. But another late night as I came home and did a little homework before crawling off to bed.

I'm not going to lie. I was gutted when my alarm went this morning. I definitely was not keen for that. But we had drawing this morning which we had to do skeleton for. And let me tell you, skeletons are hard to draw! But I was pretty happy with my final product. May photograph and show if I can be bothered later.

Best thing today was the crunchy leaves on the side walk. I love the crunchy leaves. I just go out of my way to step on them. Also finally got some new(but actually old) music onto my phone while I was home. I definitely enjoyed listening to Every Second Counts, the Plain White T's. I forgot how much I loved that album.

So yeah. Life is awesome right now. Until tomorrow night when I once again have to attempt to finihs that stupid history stuff! Why do I always leave it until the last minute?!?!?


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