Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feet can't win.

Heard and old favourite when I was at the gym today. Sugar Sugar by Baby Bash! I used to love this song! Takes me back to when I was about twelve and had only just really started listening to pop music on the radio. Or the radio really!

I cannot win with my feet at the moment. Managed to get some really annoying blisters on the sides of some of my toes on the same foot that I had the bad one that got infected on my heel. That one is getting a lot better though. Still there looking like a bit of a bruise but it's almost fully recovered! Only taken three weeks!

Severely craving dark chocolate, raspberry bullets and pepsi-max right now! I don't know if it's good or bad that there are none in the house at the moment. I may have to fix that tomorrow.

Been trying to be productive for this history but distractions are getting the better of me. Here's another quote for you:


Tomorrow is the day. It MUST be done.


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  1. Rach, your getting slack! I need my updates!