Thursday, March 3, 2011

Possibly an Addiction

I think I have a problem. An eating problem. Possibly an addiction?

I have just had the biggest dinner in a long time. Sooooo much food. The roast meat, chicken wings, ribs, potatoes, onions, sweet potato, pumpkin, a bit of salad and to top it all off I could NOT resist the desert of chocolate marshmallow moose and lemon sorbet. I thought it was ok, but once it all settled.... wow. Full as a goog you might say! Full as a goog! But gosh it was good. Such good food!

But despite my fullness I still want a piece of chocolate. I'm full as you can be and I just want that sweet and creamy chocolate on my tongue. So yes. I believe I have a problem. Hmmmm. Chocoholics anonymous?

I think I also have a bit of a cold coming on. My throat has been niggling me all day. I feel like I've inhaled a bit to much of someone's second hand smoke or something. It's just dry and and annoying.

Started my program at the gym. Was hard but You can definitely feel it and I guess that's the main thing. The slightly hard bit is the walk home afterwards. But oh well. I really want to get fit again. And I need to do that exercise in walking there and back. Today my backpack was just much to heavy though. I don't know how it gets so heavy. I guess the extra pair of shoes makes a difference. I really need to go MINIMALIST in my back pack though. It makes such a difference.

You may wonder why I shouted 'minimalist'. I shouted minimalist because for history at the moment we are doing a 'major research task' and we have to study two art movements. One of mine is Minimalism. It's a bit annoying but I guess it's all interesting enough. I just find history my least favourite class of them all so far. It's just so long! (4 hours) And I feel like I'm very unproductive in them. I don't know why.

Anyway, so tired! Best head to bed. Heading home tomorrow! Bit exciting!


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