Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wanted to Fall

So today I did one of those silly things that you only ever dread happening or have nightmares about. Something you laugh along with your friend about when they tell you how it happened to them but you make the mental note not to let it happen to yourself. Because when it does happen you are left with a slightly uncomfortable feeling with symptoms of uneasiness and the feeling of being cut off. This is all of course the typical result of leaving your phone behind.

It's ok, I didn't lose it somewhere random. I just accidentally left it at home this morning and then didn't actually notice I didn't have it until I was on my lunch break. So I din't actually suffer from any of the above described misfortunes. But I was faced with the dilemma of walking home without it which made me realise how I do depend on my phone for not only entertainment on my walk, whether it be using the radio, listening to music or calling someone but I also always make notes and lists to order the thoughts that swim around my head, I use my phone as a net to organise them as best I can. And it was definitely missed!

Watched The Time Travellers Wife on the weekend. Can't say I was overly satisfied with it either. Maybe I spent too long reading the book and then built it up to much in my head. I wanted to fall in love with the film but I can't help feeling like it just lacked something. I feel like if I hadn't read the book to fill in all the gaps of things that missed out on making the film that I would have struggled to like the characters. Though to be honest in the end of the book I'm not sure I was left liking the characters much anyway. I'll give it a 7/10. I guess I was just disappointed because the leads, Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana I like so much! and I just didn't really love them in this. Maybe I just watched it with a bit to much scrutiny. I will have to watch it again some time and see.

A film I did enjoy watching on the weekend was Burlesque! Christina Aguilera does an amazing job as Ali. I think she is just fantastic in this! Especially when she is generally a singer by trade. And boy does she put her voice on show in Burlesque! It's just so awesome. Cher is also good. And the addition of Eric Dane as friendly businessman Marcus and Cam Gigandet as always there best friend Jack, does not go astray! And I always enjoy characters played by Stanley Tucci, he's always good value. The soundtrack is amazing. I may just have to get my hands on that one I think! And the costumes! I'm in love! 9.5/10. This is definitely up there with one of my favourite films of the year!

After seeing the classes they did on Packed to the Rafters a few weeks ago and now this film, burlesque looks like fantastic fun!

Chow for now!

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